Unknown problem

By bulldoggy_27 ·
I have a home network running all wireless. I nvere had a hiccup until this morning. Everybody connects and runs fine except this morning the laptop will not. From the laptop I can log into the router but cannot surf the web. I released and renewed the ISP's address and I powered cycled the router and this issue remains. Is there anything I am missing that I can try? any help would be appreciated

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do you have a server?

by alphatech9 In reply to Unknown problem

Is one of your machines acting as a server? Or are you getting DHCP from the router?

You can "log in" to the router, via Hyper-Terminal? If so try adding a new IP, then manually configuring the laptop's TCP/IP to the new IP you just created.

If it still won't connect try plugging the laptop into the ethernet directly, to make sure it's not the wireless card on the laptop that is bad.

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