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Unknown Startup Problem

By coombzee ·
I have Win XP with 256mb RAM and 1.7ghz processor

I have been struck with a severe startup problem which is not letting me access my desktop. I startup the computer as normal and all settings displayed on startup seem to be fine. It takes me to the standard XP "welcome" screen then I click on my username. This is odd as I only have one user. Anyway after I select my username it loads as normal then flashes the desktop background("Follow" background)and then says "saving your settings", "Logging Off" and takes me back to the login. I have tried safe mode and all other options displayed but none of them help. The system is currently at the local technicians but he cannot see what is wrong. He has checked it with "Checkdisk" or similar but it has not proved anything. He is keeping it for a while while he works on it. I thought I would try this incase someone knew what could help.
Can someone help me?


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by coombzee In reply to Unknown Startup Problem

Sorry, I forgot a few things. The only thing I changed before this started was the addition of a shortcut on the desktop. I read about it in Australian PC User. June Edition 2004. It was a shortcut for a quick shutdown. I right clicked, new, shortcut. In the "location of item" text prompt I typed as per instructions,
shutdown -s -t 00 . I used the shortcut to shutdown just after I added it and when the system was turned on the next day this problem started. I had scanned the system for viruses previously and it came up clean.

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by nla467 In reply to Unknown Startup Problem


The switch -t xx(where xx is the number of seconds Windows will notify you before the shutdown begins).You have 00 secs in your switch therefore this will shutdown the system instantly. If you dont want this just take off the -t switch or add number of seconds other than 00.

Hope this helps....

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by sfc_gijoe In reply to Unknown Startup Problem

Does any one else have access to your computer. You mentioned that the welcome screen now appears. Make sure no one has placed that shutdown shortcut into your startup folder. Log into XP from safemode Command Prompt only and navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\YourAccount\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
Delete anything in that folder and reboot. If that doesn't let you in, boot from the XP CD and go into recovery mode and navigate to the above folder. Also while in Recovery Mode run Chkdsk /r

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by Old_Dawn In reply to Unknown Startup Problem

Try to get into safe mode.
Go into the Administrator account and not your account.
Create a new user and restart.
After normal boot up, log into the new account and see if the auto-restart still happens.

If it does not,
Open Explorer, go to
C:\Documents and Settings\"You acc"\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
See if there is any shortcut that does the restart even.
If there is none such shortcut.
Open scheduled task and see if there is a task that shutsdown your PC during login.

If restart occurs after creating the new account.
Go back into safe mode.
Run, regedit
look for

see if there is any command that looks like the one you typed into the shortcut.
Delete the key and perform a normal boot up. See if it still restarts...

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