Unknown uploading happening.

By john_xena ·
I am using a wireless Bandluxe C100 modem on the Optus Wireless Broadband Network. I have noticed that there is a constant uploading happening. I am not running any P2P or file sharing software.

I have noticed that the upload is a constant 11.25kbps with other massive spikes in data uploads present, however the 11.25kbps seems to be the main kbps.

This has started all of a sudden ( that I have noticed ). I have performed system restores from previous backups and still happening. I have even gone through and uninstalled any programs that I have not used or that I deemed not of use. This is still happening.

I have dl'd some utilities that monitor the activity, how ever none of them seems to be able to tell me what program is doing the upload.

Have tried WFilter, Wireshark, NetMonitor, NetStat all don't help.

If any person knows of a utility that actually displays the program that is doing the upload and if appropriate maybe a link or two could be provided.

Full ZA deep scan performed. Nothing afoot found anywhere.
--- Update ---
Running Win7 Ult. 64bit, Laptop is Clevo D900F, Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition, ZoneAlarm Extreme Edition 2010.

No Virus, malware, popups etc.

I installed Orbit Downloader that has a P2P option in it (which I don't use). I performed a system restore that I made b4 I installed Orbit. Uploading no where near as bad, just normal RTR notice.
--- Update End ---


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Thats strange

by Tyharo In reply to Unknown uploading happeni ...

If you are the only computer on the network and not doing anything on then this maybe a sign of a virus that is sending out data. Even if you do restores some viruses are able to restore themselves.
In the case that it is a virus I would recommend malwarebytes.
On the other hand if the internet is very slow and your wireless internet is unprotected by a password then there may be someone else that is connected to your internet.
best way to fix this is to just add a password into your internet.

that's all i can think of at the moment, let me know if any of those work.

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No virus. Passwords active

by john_xena In reply to Thats strange

Hi Tyharo, thanks for your reply. No virus and Passwords active for net connection and local network.

Maybe related to software called Orbit Downloader.

Have updated my original post with the info.

Keep you posted.

Thanks Johnno

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Spybot S&amp has the ability to inspect applications sending data

by Slayer_ In reply to Unknown uploading happeni ...

I think "Whatsrunning" does as well.

in Spybot, open it in advanced mode (Click the Mode menu, choose advanced)
on the bottom left, click tools. Then in the list, click Process List (You may have to check it off in the centre of the screen before it shows on the left hand side)
Select a process from the list, and switch the bottom tabs to "Open Network Ports"
Have a look at what has a port open and to where. You may find your culprit.

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I would try a Rescue Disc here to see if it picks up anything

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unknown uploading happeni ...

It's quite possible that your version of 7 has been infected and you'll not find anything by looking inside the running OS.


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No network util helped?

by seanferd In reply to Unknown uploading happeni ...

None captured any packets? You didn't get destination IPs, or data, or ports & protocols?

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