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Unlabelled Hub/Swutches, how to label?

By techrific ·
Hello all, thanks for any help.

We have a cat5 LAN with approx 100 PC's on it.
The Hubs/switches are COMPLETELY unlabelled.
The jacks at deskside have no labels.
I have to label everything.
The cable comes from several different floors of a skyscraper, so I cannot feasibly trace the cable physically.

I have heard of a radio type device that can "ring up cable" and through that I could figure out what is patched where. (the logistics I dont know, I just "heard" of this type of device half an hour ago)

Does anyone know what this type of device is? i.e. a product name that I can research?
Does anyone know another way to accomplish my task other than that device or watching the lights on the switch as I have someone else power up/down the machines?

Thanks for any help!!


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Unlabelled Hub/Swutches, ...

you go! label the cables too...the device you want is a 'fox and hound'. check out and then the mfg websites of the devices you pick. you doing a skyscraper, you maybe could pay for real test instrument, time domain reflectometer...$2-4k last time i longingly looked...
we used to do this all kinds of 'cheating' ways. short cable ends and check with meter, patch phone over and check for dial tone with meter...we just did little business and shouted to each other or radio shack personal radios...think for a skyscraper might get a real tool (smile) have fun i am so jealous

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by techrific In reply to

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by jschein In reply to Unlabelled Hub/Swutches, ...

lol yeah, definitely a fun thing to do with that setup...

2 people... one unplugs... watch light go out lol

Maybe just goto home depot and buy yourself a cast 5 test kit for 80 dollars... lights and all.

Good luck

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by techrific In reply to

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by techrific In reply to Unlabelled Hub/Swutches, ...

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