Unlicensed version MS Office to licensed - Best method?

By Arlene ·
I have a client that wants a licensed version of MS Office 2003 on his computer and is asking that I do the install, saving all his emails, docs, etc. Right now he's running WinXP Pro and has a pirated version of Office 2000. What would be the best way to get him legal (and least expensive)? Should I have him purchase a full version, or will MS sell him a key to make his legal and then get the 2003 upgrade?

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Upgrade the Harddrive and purchace an OEM Version

Your best bet would be to purchase an OEM version of Office 2003 and install it as an upgrade.

OEM versions normally come with new PCs but you can purchase them with a new hard drive or motherboard as well.

Your then supposed to load the OEM software with the new hardware, but trust me MS doesn't really care.

If you go to or any other on-line tech supplier you can order an OEM with a new HD or MB.

Other then that your best bet is going to be purchasing a full retail version of Office 2003 and running it as an upgrade to the Office 2000 install.

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Upgrade even if current ver isn't legal

by Arlene In reply to Upgrade the Harddrive and ...

so the OEM version will allow an "upgrade" even if the Office 2000 is a pirate copy?

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When you install the 2003 version you will have to put in the new key that comes with the OEM version. Then when it finds your 2000 install it will ask you if you want to remove the 2000 install and upgrade to 2003. You select yes and away you go. That way it'll keep all of you Office 2000 settings with the new version of Office 2003.

An OEM version is not an upgrade (though it will keep the settings from a previous install) so it doesn't care if your previous install is legal or not. All it's going to do is remove it because you can't have two versions of office installed at the same time.

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OEM Upgrade

by Kiltie In reply to Upgrade the Harddrive and ...

A TR article recently reported that the requirement to have a hardware upgrade (any bit of hardware) was required to get an OEM licence was abolished in August 2005

If I find the link, I'll post it here

EDIT: Could have been a CNET article, news or even a blog, still checking......

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By golly your right!

by Dave the Computer Guy In reply to OEM Upgrade

I just went out to Newegg, found the OEM version of Office 2003, and there was no little warning that said you had to purchase it with a MB or HD.

I?ll be keeping that in mind as OEM software is a lot cheaper then retail.

Thanks for the info.

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Here in AU MS says

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to By golly your right!

That all you need buy is some hardware so it can be anything that you need like a Power Supply or something that you don't need so a cheap $9.00 mouse is sufficient for an OEM purchase of any MS product. If I remember correctly at one MS Partners Meeting it was suggested that you could sell an IDE Data Lead to qualify for selling valid OEM Product. The cost of the hardware in unimportant provided that some hardware accompany the sale anything will do.

That is from Retail Outlets Wholesale suppliers are slightly different if you are not buying any hardware at all you have to buy a minimum of 3 copies of the OEM Software which if you are a retail reseller you can flog off with whatever you want or make a suggestion as to something cheap that will not impact too much on the customers Hip Pocket.


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