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Unlock Dual Core Processor

By big_guymark ·
I was told by a firedog employee (circuit city) that there would be a charge of $40 to unlock the dual core processor in a new laptop. He said without that it would run at half the published speed. Has anyone ever heard of this? It sounds like a ploy to get more money.

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i would take the laptop back..

Because you will have the right to the full power of the processor, unless it is marked up as a Locked processor. Sounds to me that all you need to do is update the bios, this is usually all it takes to unlock the processor. Plus using 64 bit operating systems makes it all the better. There are some software that can do this if the processor in question is locked or need some software to use the full four core, software such as Amd's optimizer:
This bring out the best in Amd processors. I expect that there are similar for Intel processors. But to make sure always look at the specs of the machine and its processor.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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It sounds like a Ploy to me as well

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unlock Dual Core Processo ...

What they may mean is that the new NB only comes with 1 Stick of RAM so it is not configured for Dual Chanel RAM and this will only allow it to run at 50% of it's FSB speed. To cure this you only need to fit 1 more stick or RAM that is the same as what is currently fitted to the NB.

Not sure what they are talking about in relation to Dual Core CPU's though and as Circuit City doesn't actually make anything they only resell product that other companies make I can not see that it is anything important.


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Sounds like a pile of poop to me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Unlock Dual Core Processo ...

And what in **** is 'firedog' anyway?

More likely to be the cost of supply and fitting for a second stick of DDR RAM.

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