Unlocking a Mobile phone

By david_g_matthews ·
Hey everyone,

I was just wondering as being an IT student, how do I unlock a mobile phone?

I know there is software required and cable from the Phone to the PC, is there any software available for free.

Basically I want to save my myself some money by doing it.

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If you are an IT student....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Unlocking a Mobile phone

If you are an IT student, the first thing you need to learn is that you are asking a group of professionals, some of whom make their living in the security industry, to violate their code of ethics and help you 'break into' something just so YOU can save some money.

We all know that information is freely available 'on the internet' if you search for it. So, why on earth would you think that you can just waltz in here and ask us to help you?

Since you are relatively new to this forum, we'll kindly tell you to GO TAKE A FLYING LEAP! If you want to be a hacker/cracker, go learn somewhere else.

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punkassbeotches like you are dregs of society

by jdclyde In reply to Unlocking a Mobile phone

that should be flushed.

Everytime a punkassbitch like you steals something, the cost is passed on to real people like us.

"I hope you get gonorrhea and die. Laces out!"

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And this from the dreg of teaching...

by RechTepublic In reply to punkassbeotches like you ...

I read your profile and you are supposed to be a teacher. Based on this post, you must suck at teaching.

Anyway, enjoy your mindless flaming, I am looking forward to being called a "punkassbeotch". It would mean so much coming from you.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to And this from the dreg of ...

Your profile has been active for quite some time. But if you actually have hung around here and read more of the posts, any hacking/cracking post is fair game for flaming. Go stamp your feet somewhere else.

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CMiller5400: But if you actually read my post...

by RechTepublic In reply to Humph.

..or understood cellular technology you would know that unlocking a phone is not illegal hacking or cracking. You are not stealing from anyone by unlocking your phone.

Now you go preach your flaming policy to someone who deserves it.

Stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp...

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Au Contraire, I DID read your post...

by cmiller5400 In reply to CMiller5400: But if you a ...

And I have a modest understanding of cellular technology.

If you read your CONTRACT with the wireless carrier, it MAY state that you can NOT do this. You are correct that you CAN unlock your phone for PERSONAL use once you have fulfilled the obligations of the contract.

But a large gray area still remains in that providing software to "hack" these phones may be breaking the DCMA law because you are circumventing controls placed to protect their software. The exemption only allows for personal use to connect to a wireless network.

It's not MY flaming policy, it is the TR Community's. The TR community has decided not to provide any hacking or cracking advice of any kind.

In case you didn't know it is against the Terms Of Use of the site to post any information on how to bypass copyright protection. Section 6, paragraph A.

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by RechTepublic In reply to Au Contraire, I DID read ...

Okay. I read it all. The phone is gray area so maybe helping the poster is unacceptable and maybe it is acceptable. I guess we are all left to our best judgement in these gray areas.

Now we both know that there is not and will never be a policy that instructs members to flame other members at TR. It is just not professional or productive to the forum.

Simply put, if someone called someone else a ?punkassbeotch? in the forum I moderate they would be put on notice. I would not try to justify it by saying that the poster deserved it or that there was an unwritten policy that makes it okay.

I think that you should value all of the time you invested in the TR forum and protect it by reporting, not supporting, the members that abuse it.

Clearly, I am still not ready for the wild and unmoderated world of TR forums. I will return to my happy place where name calling is not the standard.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Flamer

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

If you actually had been reading the forums, you would know that this forum IS moderated by Tammy and before her, Beth. Any thread that gets out of hand or is inappropriate, will be dealt with and the offending persons reprimanded.

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Not sure which planet you are from

by jdclyde In reply to And this from the dreg of ...

but they must really teach you wonders if you can tell so much about someone based upon a single post.

And quoting Ace Ventura is hardly "mindless".

I would call you a PAB, but won't because you would get so much pleasure out of it, near orgasmic?

You may not have noticed, but TR is not a hacker site. Nice to see you woke out of your coma and back among the TR living.

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Phone unlocking is not hacking or illegal

by RechTepublic In reply to Unlocking a Mobile phone

It is ironic that "professionals" have plenty of time to flame you but no time to help. I recommend that you leave out the "IT student" part in the future. Since IT is constantly changing we are all students so this fact is not necessary.

I will get back to topic by stating that unlocking a phone is not hacking or illegal. It does run the risk of turning your phone into a paperweight but that's it.

There are many different kinds of phone and many different features that can be unlocked. Start off by figuring out what you want to do with the phone and searching for help. Here is the best place to start:

I can safely say that no matter what you unlock you cannot make a GSM (ATT/T-Mobile) phone connect to a CDMA (Verizon/Sprint) network or visa versa. You can unlock a GSM phone so that it will work with other GSM providers. I don't know if this is possible with CDMA since they do not have a removable SIM card. At this moment I am using an unlocked T-Mobile SDA on AT&T.

I hope this helps and good luck in school.

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