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Unmountable Boot Volume now wrong File System

By dan ·
I had an unmountable boot volume in WinXP. I used the recovery console and used chkdsk/r which said that there were one or more unrecoverable erros. Then I used fixboot which everyone says to use and it switched my NTFS hard drive to a FAT one! Now my 80Gb hard drive comes up as 10Mb and there's nothing on it. Odd note, I tried maxblast 3 to see if I could get anything of the drive (even though its not maxtor) and Maxblast reports it as a NTFS drive. It can tell what it is even though windows can't.

So the big question, does anyone know of a way to switch the disk back to NTFS in the boot sector without erasing everything, or is it already too late?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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by dmiles In reply to Unmountable Boot Volume n ...

Was this a new installation? If so, try going into your BIOS and setting the hard drive speed to 'auto'. or get a newer 80 wire IDE cable and try that on the hard drive.

if that dont work I found this at the MS web site:

When you use volumes that use the NTFS file system on integrated device electronics (IDE) drives with caching enabled, you may receive the following error message during startup:

Stop 0x000000ED

The normal recovery process in such a case is to run the chkdsk /r command from Recovery Console, and then continue. On OEM versions of Windows XP, the Recovery Console may not be accessible. If this fix has not been included in the OEM build of Windows XP, you may not be able to enter Recovery Console and run the chkdsk /r command for recovery.

Because of the write-pattern optimization in IDE disk drives, the caching routines sometimes write data out of order to keep drive write speeds at the fastest possible level depending on where data is located on the disk. This opens a timing window where the NTFS disk system could have critical tables damaged if a write is not finished. Microsoft has recommended in the past that caching on IDE drives be turned off on programs with somewhat critical data that is stored on the disk or for situations that allow the slight drop in overall speed. Programs with critical data may need to use SCSI drives, which have better control of data transactions.

To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Windows XP.

If you have rebooted the system it stands that the data has been over written,you could try a data recovery software.

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by dan In reply to
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by dan In reply to Unmountable Boot Volume n ...

No it was not new. I have been using this drive for over a year and a half. It just messed up last week. As I wrote in the question, I have already ran chkdsk and fixboot as everyone says to do. The problem is that fixboot rewrote the boot sector to say the drive is FAT instead of NTFS. I need to know how to switch the boot sector back without losing all the files if possible. Does anyone know of any recovery software that could possibly do that?


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Unmountable Boot Volume n ...

hmmm. well would fdisk /mbr fix things? use the fdisk of xp installation cd...
what about a boot manager (hitting with sledge hammer, i suppose) like boot commander or boot magic.
what about bootsect.dos if you copied that over from good installation would you then be able to boot it in dos or win98 startup disk and see the ntfs format? or would an 'xp installation repair' get the boot sector rewritten? (in 2000, you can pretend like you are reinstalling and right at the point where you think you are about to clobber everything, setup finds you already have installation and offers to repair it, fixing boot problems among other things. try it with your xp install cd and see). otherwise you need a ntfs utility like nortons or ntfs studio maybe. never had much luck with those myself.

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by dan In reply to
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by dan In reply to Unmountable Boot Volume n ...

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