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Unmountable_Boot_Volume recovery?

By nebheprura ·
Using Windows XP Home and received this error and now will not boot to desktop with safe mode, last known config, etc. Used Windows XP disk to try and repair, not seeming to work. Unfortunately, when the screen said to press any key to boot from cd, I did and now when I go back into XP cd to try repair, no Windows XP Home edition listed, just partition with information of amount in it. Did I screw up? Needed to get to desktop to get files to transfer to new hard drive. Now I think they are gone. I was going to try Recovery Console but I heard that erases everything. Is that true? Need help, friend is going to kill me if I erased files.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Unmountable_Boot_Volume r ...

the recovery console does not erase anything unless you tell it to.
It sounds like the system is not seeing the partition information properly, or the hdd chip is failing.
and no, I dont think that you did anything wrong yet.
So, for continuation, try removing the drive and slaving it off in another system. Boot to the other system and see if you can recover data.

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by nebheprura In reply to

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Unmountable_Boot_Volume r ...

If you haven't told the Recovery Console to Format the drive the data will still be there.

I would remove the drive slip it into a USB Caddy and save your data this is easier than fitting it to another computer as a Slave and generally speaking faster as well.

Now for the traps you'll most likely need to Take Ownership of the Files and if you have encrypted them you'll need to save the encryption key as well so that you don't have a jumble of garbage present when you try to open the files.

The directions for Taking Ownership of the Files are here

The way to save the Encryption Key for Windows is here

Now if you have Formated the Drive you can still recover the data but it's going to cost you for at the very least the cost of a decent Data Recovery Program the best available is On Tracks but it's also the most expensive the others in the list are slower and I've not used them all but one may suit your needs

This one is only any good if you know HEX inside out

When you are performing any Data Recovery Operation you NEVER write the saved data to the HDD that you are recovering it from you always write it to another drive to prevent overwriting data that you have yet to recover.


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by idowindows In reply to Unmountable_Boot_Volume r ...

Try booting from a Linux disk ( select American flag on top left) for chance to retrieve your data without compromising it - it simply allows access to the drive - does not install on your questionable drive. Best of luck and keep us posted.

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by nebheprura In reply to Unmountable_Boot_Volume r ...

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