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Unnecessary files in Windows XP

By patrick.cooper ·
I'm in the process of creating a roll-out image for our firm (Windows XP SP2). The image turned out to be over 1.9GB without the apps installed. Does anyone have a good article covering ways to streamline the size of the install and delete files that are not crucial to the operating system and take up space?

Thanks in advance!

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by mrjay67 In reply to Unnecessary files in Wind ...

Well As I recall The original footprint of XP was about 1.5GBs and at 1.9 your not far from that. Now tack on SP2 and all the other patches and you are likely to be right where you are with very little wiggle room. It is very easy for our images to be around 3-4 gigs with all our base apps. You can go to add/remove and take a few things out there that you know you dont need or use.

If you are just trying to keep the image file small Ghost has an option to compress the image. If you run ghost with out any options it should ask you if you want high or fast compression. You can use a comand line option -Z9 for highest compression -Z1 for lowest. You can use 1-9 to balance the speed vs compression. If you use other types of imaging software they probally have similar options but i havent used them to be able to tell you.

I know this is not the best news but i dont know of a "magic bullet" that will clear a substantial amount of space(without damage anyway).


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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Unnecessary files in Wind ...

My Ghost images are coming in under 1.5 Gb with XP SP 2, Office 2003 SP 2, all current patches for both, and a couple of smaller apps.

How are you installing XP? Are you just booting the machine and letting the manufacturer's install process run? Consider booting to the network and installing the OS using a transform file. The transform allows you to specify what optional components to leave out. Doing it this way also means you don't get stuck with all the crapola the manufacturer was paid to stick you with. Google for "setupmgr.exe" to build a transform, although I believe it's part of the XP resource kit. There's also a tool in the Office resource kit that will allow you to tailor your Office installation. I leave Access out of my Ghosts since only a small percentage of my users need it.

Creating a Ghost from a machine already in use will always result in a larger image than one created on a machine with a virgin OS and apps installations.

If you patch the system before you create the Ghost, remember to go to the Windows directory and delete all the temporary directories the patches leave behind. These are hidden so you'll have to turn on "View Hidden Files" first.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to

Oh, and if you buy a lot of systems from one of the major vendors, consider having them create the Ghost and apply it. HP, Dell, and the others will work with you to create the image and maintain the patches.

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