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unnecessary passwords

By john-inja ·
Why would a website such as this one require a password?

Anyone can log in using their email address so why the password?

I suffer from short term memory loss and find myself locked our of such sites because I can't remember which remembered password I used.

I still work in the industry but am nolonger the best at what I do. (my IQ used to put me in the top 1%, beware stress can do this to you so chill out.)

Yes I have tried password managemant software but guess what they require a password to use them.

There's a hole in the bucket dear lisa dear lisa...

Web sites could make my problems much less if these unnecessary passwords were removed as they only add to my stress and frustration. I am sure I an not alone in this view.

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I'm sorry John but...

by mjwx In reply to unnecessary passwords

I'm afraid that you may be very much alone. I'm not trying to be mean mind you so please allow me to explain why.

Passwords are required to prove that there is an actual person on the end of the line. It is primarily a defence against spam bots and scammers. As this site is generally populated by the technically minded whom loathe spam and scams of all kinds passwords are not minded.

It also allows the TR staff (To whom we are most grateful (where is my coffee mug)) to effectively ban users who are constantly offensive (I don?t know if you were around to see a chap who called himself "not an underage"). It also helps protect people?s identify and reputation on TR, someone with loose scruples can logon as you or I and spout whatever nonsense they liked.

As for your memory problem, you might try the "remember password" feature on firefox. I have this feature enabled at home and work (albeit I seldom forget my TR password) and I never need to enter the password for TR.

Whist the password for TR is considered a low priority or low risk password it is most definitely a necessity (please think of the admins).

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Read Your own statistics

by john-inja In reply to I'm sorry John but...

If uou think I am alone nhen you should check your own statistics on how many people forget their password.

I am sure that with a little effort the need for a password when searching for a solution to a problem.

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I agree with mjwx

by Simon Beck In reply to unnecessary passwords

As to your poor memory, I can relate. Not only do I get my browser to remember my password. I use the same password for all forum type websites. No point in having 500 passwords just to post my thoughts on 500 web sites.

Banking and the like are different. strong original passwords that my non computer password reminder service remembers (thats the wife btw). I've got my hands full remembering all the passwords for work!

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and IDs

by Kiltie In reply to unnecessary passwords

Not just passwords, every site seems to want an ID as well, these can be just as hard to remember, particularly when they have ID and password restrictions.

Most annoying is when they don't tell you first, an example:
I enter a unique ID, and password, but somehow something is wrong on the application, and you have to correct details and when trying again, the ID you selected is now ALREADY IN USE!!!

an aside:
Another gripe of mine (one of those things that can go wrong), is the Americanism where they ask for your country, Zip or Postal code on registration, as I live Scotland, I enter my UK Post code, which is then rejected as not being in the correct format for a Zip code, which is true, it's in the correct format for a UK Post Code - DUMMY!!

So, to make things simple for myself, I use a generic ID and password for such sites (emphasise that please, only for general sites, not membership, or banking etc) For those awkward sites, that assume everyone is American, I use my sisters addy and Zip (she is a US Citizen)

Another example, I once wanted to view online Maplin electonics website, to see what they had, but they insisted on this userid/password nonsense, just to access the site!!
Imagine if any store tried to insist on IDs and passwords, before letting you PHYSICALLY into their buildings, to browse the goods? They would surely go out of business real soon.

So if it is a ridiculous scenario in the real world, why insist on it in the electronic one?

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