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Unpaid Internships

By max98037 ·
I am a network technology student and have decided that I would like to complete an unpaid internship before graduating. I have been told that the best way to become an IT professional is with experience and the only way to make it a win-win situation for the employer is to offer my contribution at no charge.
I have to admit it has been much more difficult than I had first thought it would be. Getting through the HR department for a response from anyone is a real challenge.
Does anyone have any advice on how to find an internship? Would I get far by trying to bypass HR and just ask the receptionist to transfer me to the Director of IT, or would this just be obnoxious?
Also, if anyone out there is looking for a reliable, enthusiastic free laborer for their Seattle area IT department, please contact me:
I have an online resume, too:
Thank you, Max Klim

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Contact the IT Dept.

by darrellblackhawk In reply to Unpaid Internships

I'd just contact the IT department. Don't be put off by the receptionist. It's their job to put you off if you seem likely to take up company staff member's precious time.

It would serve you well to get names of individuals in the IT departments.That way you'll have a leg up when you call through the receptionist.

And last but not least, don't be afraid of calling the president's office. You'll probably not talk to the president, but you will speak with their assistant and they can be a good insider for you. (It?ll show gumption)

Good Luck


P.S. Unfortunately, we are geographically separated; otherwise I'd be happy to speak with you.

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Thank you!!

by max98037 In reply to Contact the IT Dept.

I wasn't sure if gumption was appreciated. Now I can comfortably ask for a manager without worrying about being considered too pushy. Do companies relocate interns or is that not done?

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Internship is a two way street

by perspectives In reply to Unpaid Internships

Dear Intern,

Most large firms pay their interns. In addition, the new crop of IT professionals are some what on top of the in-principle trade and have not been jaded by the shift in the IT culture. Unless you have an "in" regarding a large firm, go through a headhunter firm. They will get you paid and on the minds of the firm you wish to test for future employment. Because of the trend towards outsourcing, contracting for a few years is good experience. I have found that a headhunting firm can place you, help with relocating and keep you stable. Any firm that can't seem to take your requests to be noticed is in trouble and not worth your attemtion. Use and type internship for IT or some such query. Or just create a list of headhunter firms, such as Kforce, Manpower professional, etc and send your re'sume'. Research any offers and make sure it's public so that you leave a trail.


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