unplugged my computer while running, now it wont start

By kaigreene00 ·
Idiotically, I unplugged my machine last night while it was running. Now it won't start up. Simple as that.

Any advice? It is a PC, about 7 years old, and had been off for a number of months until recently.


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A little more detail please....

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to unplugged my computer whi ...

1)Does it power up at all?
2)Do ANY lights light up?
3)do you hear the hard drive spinning?
4)Do you get any display data?

A few details would be very helpful.

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my computer not starting, details

by kaigreene00 In reply to A little more detail plea ...

thanks for the replies. no, nothing, no lights, no fan. i'm taking it in tomorrow to have the power supply checked...

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One thing for sure

by DaveDXB In reply to unplugged my computer whi ...

This may not be a good habbit....but i ALWAYS UNPLUG my system without shuting down :) Never seems to effect anything. Windows usually just starts normally with the checking for errors at the beginging of the start.

You didnt mention, do you hear the fan moving?? When you say it doesnt start, does the machine actually start but you dont see a windows screen? Try and listen to the fan, see if the lights blink and if the fan moves...Maybe your power burnt or something?

You must of posted the same time as me :) (guy above)

unfortunatly cant find the delete post button.

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