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unplugged network

By tang ·
I have xp and a dial up modem. When I try to sign on there is a red x on the Lan saying that a network cable is unplugged. My husband recently deleted a few programs including KAZAA.

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by anthtone In reply to unplugged network

Ok here is what to do:

1. Check your network plug is connected in.
2. Depending on the network you have: check the lights on the hub that they are working. If one computer to another via a network cable, make sure it is a cross-over cable.
3. Make sure that the modem has the telephone line into it and not the LAN cable into it. (Some cable modems allow the modems to be connected directly to the LAN via a LAN cable).

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by kinneym_98_98_98 In reply to unplugged network

try repairing your browser and your internet connection tools, I know some forms of kazaa have tied them selves a little to deep into the personal systems. I've experienced the same thing a few times. I even not have a spyware tool that repairs it for me, just incase it takes out spyware that dives to deep, so to speak.

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by DRDON In reply to unplugged network

If you do not have a "network" then the red X is correct. When you dial in, you can show the properties for the dial in connection and and have the icon show in the tray that you are connected.

If you have a network and the cabel is plugged in, go to device manager and check the performnace of the NIC.

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by tang In reply to unplugged network

i should also include that i am on a home computer and i currently have 3 operation systems and 98 and 2000 are fine , it is just xp that is giving me problems. thanks

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by RCOM In reply to unplugged network

When you go to sign on it brings up the status of the connection this is normal. Once you're online it should change to the connected state and show the 2 screens flashing. If you unplug the phone line it will bring notify you that a cable has been unplugged this just means the connection was lost. This can be disabled by unchecking show status in the properties for the dialup connection.

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