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    Unravelling the Power of AI to Improve Customer Experience


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    Customer experience if driven properly creates endless opportunities for growth, but it also hits back hard when failing. Data insights are core into driving CX enhancement, but it’s not that simple. Customer behavior is difficult to map, even more, challenging is deriving real-time actionable insights out of these siloed datasets. AI comes into the picture here as it identifies behavioral patterns across multitudes of data points to give you valuable business insights to boost customer satisfaction.

    I think, customers don’t prefer waiting for responses, they want solutions faster and smooth. AI-powered chatbots source data at a much higher speed to resolve the issue of the customer. This not only speeds up the entire process but also saves time for employees to dedicate their attention into a more value-added task. The advanced technology of AI helps you to save a lot of cost on hiring live agents for repetitive, slow, low-value interactions. Reports say businesses receive nearly 265 Bn customer requests every year and it costs as huge as $ 1.3 trillion to take these requests to closure. Using AI-powered chatbots can help you save up to 30% of this, right?

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