Unread mail folder in Outlook 2003

By mpd881 ·
I'm stumped. I am running an Exchage 2003 server. I have one user who is using Outlook 2003 and has intermittent problems. Sometimes when she receives an email, her Unread Mail folder will highlight with her inbox. They both show she has one new message. The only problem is that she has gotten into the habit of clicking on her Unread mail (she has rules to move her mail around). It shows up fine, but when she clicks off of that folder, the message disappears. It is not in the Inbox, Deleted items or anywhere else. It used to only happen a couple times a week, but now is starting to happen more frequently. Does this sound like an Exchange issue (putting it in the wrong folder) or an Outlook issue? Do you think uninstalling/reinstalling Office 2003 will help?



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How Unread Mail works

by faradhi In reply to Unread mail folder in Out ...

Unread mail is a VIRUTAL FOLDER. That is it only contains links to emails in other locations within outlook.
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WHen the user clicks on the unread email folder, Outlook will automatically select the first email and display it in the preview pane (assuming it is on) and mark it as read. Then if you click off Unread mail folder the The LINK to the email is then removed from the UNREAD folder.
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Then email still exists wherever the rule has placed it.
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There are a couple of solutions. <br /> <Br />
1) Turn off the preview pane <br />
2) Set outlook to not mark an email read until it is opened.
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I hope this helps <br /> <Br />
Also check the users rules. Something is moving that email.
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by p.j.hutchison In reply to How Unread Mail works

Outlook also has folder filtering. Sometimes a user can change it to view:
a) All messages
b) Last 7 days
c) Unread mail
and so on.

Change the folder back to All messages via
View, Arrange By, Current View, Messages

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Same Problem

by stefan In reply to How Unread Mail works

I have the same problem with Outlook 2003 running Windows XP. There are NO rules or filters set up on my system, so I have no idea where the Unread Emails are actually stored, I only know they're not in the inbox.

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In Outlook 2010 you can hover the mouse over the message header

by mike_f_thomas In reply to Unread mail folder in Out ...

I was frustrated too, didn't know where the emails were stored so that when I read them and jumped out of the folder I would lose track of the message. Didn't seem to be an easy way to know where they were.
In 2010 I found that if you hover the mouse over the message header a small hover popup provides info on that email and the bottom line shows which folder it comes from / is stored in. Up to you then if you want to remember the folder name or write it down or just go straight to the folder.

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