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Unreadable USb drive

By sunflo83 ·
this is third time that my computer have failed to read the USb drive.
well actually it reads the USB but not able to open it.
i had same problem with IBM flash drive.
it was working fine one moment then when i tried to use it the day after, it is there in my computer but when i try to access it, pops out message box saying insert k: (my usb drive). i had to ask for A/S. my data inside were all lost. then few day asfter i got it back it happened again. so i had to buy another USB drive. this time sandisk. it worked fine just until last week. this have happed again. now i'm thinking it's not the usb drive, but my PC or me.

can anyone please tell me what is causing this? what am i doing wrong? and possibly how to fix my usb drive.

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by ghimpe-- In reply to Unreadable USb drive

First a silly sugestion: usb drives don't like to be connected/disconected without first telling windows, so if you did not stoped the USB removable media service before you disconected the drive it could of damaged it.

Maybe you have a bad USB port and it's killing your USB drives...If you where using the front panel USB ports try to use the back one (the ones soldered directly to the mother board, the front panel ones might be wired wrong..)

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Unreadable USb drive

you have tried connecting your failed usb drive to another computer yes?
do you have any other (new, maybe) devices on your usb ports on your system giving this problem?
just 2 cents, i have seen firewire take out drives so i would be wary of that possibility as suggested...
if you decide to get a 'real' external hard drive next time instead of a memory stick you have some possibilities for recovering the data by taking the hard drive out of the enclosure and putting in a system then attempting repair with various utilities...

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