unrelated form/subform msacc. form to update when sub data done

By duberyr ·

I have 2 transaction files - 1 for creditors, 1 for gl. for every creditor transtion entered on the main form, there may be 1 or more detail transactions on the gl sub form.

I do not want the crs form to update table until gl subform data has been input.

I have a command save button on main crs form that I want to use when both forms are complete.

Trouble is that as soon as focus goes to subform, crs record writes into table. if user wants to cancel form (another button on main form) the crs form has already updated and dirty is no longer set so undo does not work.

Apart from trying to use a number of flags to figure out what is happening is there any way to stop main form updating until save button is pressed?

I do not use navigation buttons.

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