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Unresolved ISP connection problems

By MAnnetteB ·
I'm running Windows XP with a DSL. For some reason now I have an unresolved ISP address, and my computer is untouchable by the outside world. IE I can connect to other computers but they can't connect to mine. I'm thinking it's a hidden firewall that's causing it but can't seem to find it. Any ideas on where the firewall is or what else can be causing it?

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check PC IP address

by setantapc In reply to Unresolved ISP connection ...

User ipconfig to confirm the IP address on the PC nonreachable.

Don't forget if a PC cannot generate a valid IP address windows helpfully generates a bogus 169.X,.X.X address so the device can still converse with things on the internal network.

So it may be that the PC actually isn't connecting correctly, but is getting an internal IP address so it looks like it is connected.

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by MAnnetteB In reply to check PC IP address

Though odd the ip address isn't a 169 one, starts with 192 I found the actual ip address unusual but it does show up athat way on ipconfig. Your explanation is probably right though. Could you give me any tips on how to correct the problem?(would have responded sooner but forgot to click the little box for email notification)

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Home Network

by WiseITOne In reply to

I am thinking that your 192.XXX.XXX.XXX would denote a connection to a home router. Perhaps that is your problem. Most home routers have a built in firewall, you will need to enable those settings if you want others to connect to your machine.

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