unresponsive dv6000

By james.harbert ·
I have a hp dv6000 laptop that is about 2 years old. Today when i went to turn it on, i noticed that the light that indicates that a power cord is connected was off and that the computer wouldnt even attempt to boot. I know i just bought a new powercord off of ebay a month or so ago, and was wondering if this could have fried my components, if this is unlikely, what would be another possible cause.

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Power indicator light (LED) is off

by Jacky Howe In reply to unresponsive dv6000

If the power indicator LED is off, the AC power adapter may need to be replaced. To determine if the AC power adapter needs to be replaced follow the steps below:
Ensure that the AC adapter is plugged directly into a known working wall outlet.
NOTE: To check the wall outlet, plug in a different known working device like a light, radio etc.

Check all of the following connections:
The connection from the AC adapter to the wall outlet.
The connection into the power adapter from the wall outlet.
The connection from the AC adapter to the notebook.
Press the power button again to test the notebook PC.
Remove the battery and try it from the AC power adapter.
If the power indicator does not turn on, remove the AC power adapter from the notebook PC and re-insert the battery. Then press the power button.
If the power indicator light still does not turn on, then the AC Adapter needs to be replaced.

You may be covered by the Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program HP Pavilion dv6000

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