Unsecured computer-to-computer network on my wireless

By Sumjay ·
Recently I found a "Unsecured computer-to-computer network" showing up on my wireless network on my laptop in a Choose a wireless network dialog box. It displays a Manual connection with one signal strength bar. Obviously I am not going to connect to it specially when I don't know which laptop it hooked to.
I know I did not install it. How can I remove / delete this connection?
I have a Siemens Gigaset SE567 Wireless ADSL Gateway.

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But - what operating system is your laptop running ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Unsecured computer-to-com ...

Without that info we couldn't give you accurate step-by-step instructions.

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Sorry my bad

by Sumjay In reply to But - what operating syst ...

It is XP Pro SP3

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You have a couple of choices ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sorry my bad

First, right-click on your wireless signal meter in the system tray. Select 'View Available Wireless Networks'. You will now be presented with a list of ALL the currently detected wireless networks within range of your machine.

In the column on the left under 'Related Tasks' you will see an item titled 'Change the order of preferred networks'. When you click on it you'll open a window with a small listing of the detected wireless signals and the option to select one of them at a time then increase or decrease its priority by clicking on 'Move up' or 'Move down'.

Below this listing box there is the option to REMOVE the detected signal altogether.

Be careful to click on the correct one when Removing - or you MIGHT REMOVE YOUR OWN SIGNAL from the list.

However, having removed it, there is always the possibility that your system will inevitablt re-detect it at some future point. There is little or nothing you can do to stop this since wireless laptops are designed to be used on the move, so the wireless system is constantly scanning the airwaves to pick up wireless hotspots in cafes and airports etc etc.

The only thing you can do to be truly effective is to place your preferred wireless signal at the TOP of this list, by moving it to the UP.

Once your own signal is sitting at the top of the list, single click on it and click the 'Properties' button. Then click the 'Connection' [TAB] and you'll find a little tick-box called 'Connect when this network is in range'.

If you tick THIS option for YOUR wireless signal - you then have the option to repeat the process for any other wireless signal and UNTICK their box, that way ensuring that your laptop will NEVER lock onto that wireless signal in error, by mistake.

That is about as far as you can go, because if you are any more surgical in your approach you may well inhibit connection to ANY wireless signal, including your own. :)

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Thank you

by Sumjay In reply to You have a couple of choi ...

Thank you for the step by step instructions. They were excellent. However, I was hoping to eliminate or remove completly the offending intruder from my dialogue box. I guess I have to live with it and just not make the mistake to click on the "Connect" button of the "Unsecured computer-to-computer network". The problem it that one cannot even look / get at the properties of those two laptops shown in the box. At least with some identification one can see if it's some neighbour's Toy or PC trying to hook onto my home network.
Thanks again for your help.

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by seanferd In reply to Thank you

That is your laptop trying to connect to someone else's access point.

To keep others from connecting to your access point, you need to secure it according to the instructions provided by the vendor. Do not leave the default passwords set, put in your own. This is all done through the setup in your access point.

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