Unselecting a single cell after highlighting a range

By anskey_nick ·
In Excel, if I highlight a range of cells, and then realise I have accidentally highlighted one I don't want, is there a way I can I un-highlight that cell without losing all the rest of the selected cells?

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Unselecting a single cell ...

Hold down the CTRL key while clicking the cell you want to de-select.

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that doesn't work

by anskey_nick In reply to Yes...........

it appears to unhighlight that cell, but in fact if you hold control down and click on a cell, then go to format the rest, all the cells are formatted, including the one you had highlighted.

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What kind of formatting?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to that doesn't work

If you're formatting cell borders, the cells around it will have borders and make it appear as if that one cell has borders.

So, what kind of formatting are you applying?

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any type of formatting

by anskey_nick In reply to What kind of formatting?

for example - if I highlight a group of cells, and then wanted to make them bold. If I pick a group of cells in a spreadsheet, and then realise I've picked one of the cells by mistake, so as you said, hold down control and pick the wrong cell, then hit CTRL-B, for example, all the cells, including the one I didn't want to make bold, are bold.

It's more of laziness thing - I could always just start selecting the cells again from scratch, but sometimes you just wonder if there's a clever way to fix something.

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Hmmmm... I guess you're right.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to that doesn't work

The only way I could keep it from formatting that one cell was to go back and highlight just the cells I wanted formatted using the CTRL key to selectively highlight around it, never having selected that cell to begin with.

Once you highlight them all then CTRL click that one cell to unhighlight it, the black border is only around that one cell which means it's active. So, it in fact is actually selected but not highlighted. The rest are highlighted but not selected. And, formatting is applied to both active and selected cells.

It could be scripted to do what you want, but I highly doubt it would be worth the effort.

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Try this..

by heludaye In reply to Unselecting a single cell ...

1st click the 1st cell after that press CTRL then click the 2nd cell,3rd cell,4th cell,... you want select.
(CTRL + the cells)

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We already know that works.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Try this..

Please re-read the original and subsequent posts.

The original question asked how to UN-SELECT one or more cells after they have ALREADY been highlighted as a group so that formatting could be applied to all but that cell. We've already shown that s/he can go back and re-select only what s/he wants selected using CTRL+click. But, that doesn't answer the original question.

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Apparently not.

by Bizzo In reply to Unselecting a single cell ...

Apparently it's never been a feature of Excel.

Here's a couple of links that may be of use to you:

VBS code to add this feature:

An add-in (Ultimate Add-In) for Excel, to do unselect and more:

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