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By sbhuck ·
I am having a problem with and IE toolbar which keeps trying to auto-download onto my computer. It comes from the web site:
http.// I am involved with reading paid emails. On one site, when you click onto the home site to log in, it runs thorouhg all of its other checks and counters, and the last one is transferring data from toolbar. If the toolbar is not already running, it keeps trying to download this IE tollbar. I am using Mozilla 1.4 Browser, and after this tries to download, it freezes one of my Paid to read email sites. this only happens on one of my 14 OTR sites (
I have tried to contact this site, but it so far ignored my request to stop this Spamming of my computer.
Is there anyway to "turn-off" Internet Explorer, short of deleting it. This toolbar is for IE only, and cause my Mozilla Browser to freeze.
If I shut down my Mozilla and then try to open it again, it asks me to change my identity. Doing so would lose all of my information.
Thnakfully I have a Program (System Security Suite 1.03.1, which if I run it will then reverse this effect and give me back my Mozilla with the correct Identity in tacked.
Is there anyway to block this toolbar web site from having access to my computer?
I hav even started to get some IE pop up ads for IE, even though I am not running IE at the time.
This all started about the same time as the unsolicited tollbar download fiasco.
I have no Idea why it only effects this one PTR site, and none of the others, not even those which use the same email address site.
Could someone please explain what is going on, and how to stop it.
Thanks for any suggestions.
I am using Kerio firewall, incase taht makes a difference in solving this problem.
Just as I was finshing this question, IE suddenly appeared on my screen. I have told IE it is not my default browser, but suddenly that seems to not be working.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Unsolicitated downloads

you probably already did this but did you look in Add Remove programs to first remove the toolbar there, then go into Mozilla and flush the temporary internet files cache, then search for "temporary internet files' and delete contents of that folder (thereby deleting cache and cookies for internet explorer) then, lastly but most effective, download (>2MB)and run Ad-Aware ( to get out that pesky spyware.
No, you can't 'disable' IE. can you find the place in Mozilla where it says 'make this the default browser'? ...

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by sbhuck In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Unsolicitated downloads

Hi Wilbur,

At the site that attempts to load the tool-bar, check their user agreement or privacy policy.
I believe that you will find that you agree to install the tool-bar.

As to blocking the tool-bar, you should have the option in your firewall settings to add a specific web site. Add http.// to the list of blocked sites. Make sure that the site that attempts to install the tool-bar is on the list of filtered sites.

If blocking the site with your firewall does not work, in Mozilla, open Edit, Preferences.
Expand the Advanced section and click on Software Installation.
Unckeck the enable software installation.

Do you have Preference tool-bar installed?
You can get it from
This allows you to display a number of Preference items on a tool-bar so that you can enable and disable them with 1 click.
The reason I ask, is that you may need / want to disable JAVA when you go to the problem site.

As a side note, I do recommend that you upgrade to Mozilla 1.6 when you get a chance. Some of the implemented fixes involve security issues. 1.6 also seems to load up faster for me.


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by sbhuck In reply to

This answer helped me a great deal.

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by sbhuck In reply to Unsolicitated downloads

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