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Unsolicited Power Downs

By chatsworth52 ·
My desktop PC has started to regularly reboot itself without any instruction from me. I have virus checked it using an upto date Norton virus database and found nothing. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have a Windows 98 SE operating system.

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BIOS Power Settings Defective Power Supply?

by BFilmFan In reply to Unsolicited Power Downs

Didn't pay your power bill?

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Electrical basics to check

by jdclyde In reply to Unsolicited Power Downs

At each step, completely unplug and replug in.

Power cord in back of computer.
power cord into power strip.
check switch on power strip.
power strip into wall.

When I see this it is most often caused by a cable that is partially plugged in and when you move your foot disrupts the cable.

Test your power supply. Does the fan on the power supply still work? Could be going bad or over heating.

Is the fan on your heat sink working? **** this out. If CPU is overheating it can cause a crash/shutdown.

If you have a second hard drive laying around, run off that for a few days. This will eliminate if it is a bad drive or if the OS is pooched.

IF that doesn't work, post in the Q&A section as this is the discussion section. You will get tech help in the Q&A section a lot quicker there.

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Possilby a Driver

by Keith Hailey In reply to Unsolicited Power Downs

I had that Problem with a driver for an external CD-writeable drive. The USB Driver would cause a reboot from nowhere and for no apparent reason. But only when the external drive was attached.
Think of any new hardware or programs you may have added or updated prior to this problem.
If it hasn't been very long, you may be able to narrow it down and use your system restore IF YOU HAVE A RESTORE POINT that far back.
I haven't used 98SE in a while and can't remember if there is an event log that is easily accessible. You might look in to that.

Good luck and Happy Hunting

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