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By johncdeboer ·
TechRepublic, ZDNet, Etc. just lost a ton of credibility with me. It is near impossible to unsubscribe... and that is the sort of thing that makes it hard for scruplious sites to get anybody to register. I see that this is not only true with me but with other people who have posted complaints about their inablilty to unsubscribe.

Please unsubscribe me, delete my account, and stop sending my junk mail!!!

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So do it at your end, what's the big deal?

by DC_GUY In reply to Unsubscribe

I've had people block e-mail from ME. It just can't be difficult to tell your e-mail program not to deliver e-mail from Tech Republic. Yes it would be nice if you could get off those mailing lists. But it probably doesn't take any more time to put a block at your end than it does to send the "unsubscribe" e-mail.

TR probably has a web management company handling the nuts and bolts for them. 'Nuff said.

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by sjones In reply to Unsubscribe

I quite agree - it is nearly impossible to unsubcribe and flipping irritating. TechRepublic - you are not doing yourself any favours by making it so difficult.

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A better idea.

by vince In reply to Unsubscribe

Instead of blocking their gateway why not everyone who's having this problem submit them to spam blacklists online.

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by jcweum In reply to A better idea.

I have a lifetime subscription to MailWasher 2011 Pro on every machine. ALL TechRepublic mail will go into their master SPAM database at Firetrust!! It's just what they deserve!!!

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by do.not In reply to Unsubscribe

hi john
on the bottom of each mail, you receive from here, you will find a small link, called "unsubscribe from this mail". Try this one

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by ksnowdonway In reply to unsubscribe

Thanks for the tips, guys.

Hey TechRepublic -- Stuff that sounded useful and interesting when I subscribed now hits my e-box so often and in such quantity that my e-mail is unusable. A link to the on-line news once a month would have worked a lot better for me!

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That's not true

by greg In reply to unsubscribe

I have email from TR that has no mention of or link for unsubscribing.

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Yes it does

by Bizzo In reply to That's not true

On the html version it's in the section called "send us your feedback".

open a mail and search for unsubscribe!

Mine says:

Sign up for more free newsletters from TechRepublic. To manage your account settings or to remove yourself from all TechRepublic communications, please visit our Subscription Center.

The e-mail address for your subscription is
Unsubscribe from this e-mail | FAQ | Advertise | Privacy Policy

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Click the "My Newsletters" link at the top right.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That's not true

Click the ones you want or don't want and then hit the "Update" button at the bottom.

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by jcweum In reply to Click the "My Newsletters ...

I want My Name And My Business Name TOTALLY REMOVED from ALL their databases. This site has lost ALL the Credibility it used to have. I DO NOT want my Good Name Or Reputation Associated with them in ANY Way!!!!

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