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    unsupported format


    by g2jayk3

    My back up DVD copies won’t play/start in my computer or my stand alone DVD player(s).I get a disc error message on the stand alone and adisc with an unsupported format message on my computer. Is there someone who is familiar with this? I thought it may be the discs, (Verbatim DVD+R)so I tried a different brand (Maxell DVD-R). I always burn at 4x, but this does not seem to make a difference. I was making a backup that turned out successful and then the next attempt came out with the above problems….

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      by g2jayk3

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      Might help to know …

      by older mycroft

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      What the Error Messages actually say?

      OR we could just guess what they say, and guess the right answer – your choice. 馃槈

      Also what file format you are trying to burn onto optical disc?

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        unsupported format

        by g2jayk3

        In reply to Might help to know …

        The error message says ‘a disc with an unsupported format is in drive E’.
        I was attempting to burn a video TS file onto a Verbatim DVD+R 16x at 4x speed. I had been able to to do this with other files without a hitch. Now my back up won’t play on my computer or on my stand alone DVD player.

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      You’ll need to at the very least

      by oh smeg

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      Tell us what you are using to burn these Disc’s.

      Then the file types that you are saving to the DVD and how you are saving them.

      If it is through something like the Windows Backup Utility then anything is possible from a faulty DVD Burner to badly stored Blanks and everything in between.

      You really need to tell us what you are doing here and how you are performing it before we can attempt to give you any meaningful information that might make some sense.


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        RE: unsupported format

        by g2jayk3

        In reply to You’ll need to at the very least

        I was simply trying to make a back up copy of a DVD movie. I use Nero ver. 6.6 and DVD Shrink.I have been using Verbatim DVD+R 16x blank discs. Now that you mention it, I had just open a new spindle pack. The only thing about that is, I thought it may the disc(which would be a rare thing for me and my use of this particular disc, so I tried with a few Maxell DVD-R 16x blanks… I got the same results.

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          DVD Shrink is a Application to Shrink Movie DVD’s down

          by oh smeg

          In reply to RE: unsupported format

          Used in Conjunction with something like DVD 43 it can compress Commercial DVD Videos to 4.7 GIG of a DVD Single Layer Blank DVD.

          Nero has a Backup Utility in it called Back It Up but I’m not sure if that exists in version 6.

          If it does I would be using that and forget about DVD Shrink as that is likely to be the problem it is shrinking down the files and renaming them to something that the computer has no software to read.


          OH it’s Video not a Backup I see now. DVD Shrink doesn’t have such a good record of working correctly and you need to look at the Decryption Application you are using in Conjunction with it. Any DVD works a treat but DVD43 can trash some OS’s and it’s a real Crap Shoot with some of the others. Instead of using DVD Shrink here I find that DVD NeXt Copy is the best Video Coping Utility available. It’s a pay for application but it’s very good and it isn’t expensive. It’s available here

          It’s also illegal in many parts of the world just like DVD Shrink. 馃槈

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          DVD Shrink………

          by g2jayk3

          In reply to DVD Shrink is a Application to Shrink Movie DVD’s down

          I have used DVD43 a few times. I use DVDFab Decryptor to create Video TS files and then I Use Shrink to make the copy. Nero is what I have now; I had downloaded a more recent version, but the one I have on the computer now is from a disc and I thought this would be more ‘error free’. I’m very green to all this, so don’t be offended when I ask what OS’s are. I’ve also heard talk of using ISO’s. Can you stop laughing long enough to enlighten me in these areas? Really appreciate you helping me along this much.

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          OS = Operating System

          by oh smeg

          In reply to DVD Shrink………

          That is which version of Windows are you using.

          ISO is a type of Image that is used to save large files in etc.

          A full description is located here

          Did you realize that you can use Fab Decryptor to shrink the files to the 4.7 GIG Capacity of a DVD Blank?

          I have used it previously and while it’s OK it’s no where near as good as DVD NeXt Copy but it does work most of the time on all but the newest DVD Videos.



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          Operating System

          by g2jayk3

          In reply to OS = Operating System

          Oh, so that’s what it’s all about. Thanks for the crash course, and for the heads up about DVD NeXt Copy. I plan to try a different DVD as well.

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          O S

          by g2jayk3

          In reply to OS = Operating System

          Forgot to mention, have Windows XP Professional, SP3. What’s the deal with SP3? Seems it brought a lot of configuration problems with it. I have AMD 64 bit proccessor – people from Microsoft tell me SP3 doesn’t get along well with it….

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          No there are no real problems with SP3

          by oh smeg

          In reply to O S

          Some Slipstreamed Images didn’t like AMD CPU’s supposedly but overall there where no major problems with SP3.

          Also the supposed problems relating to AMD CPU’s also occur on Intel CPU’s but I’ve only ever seen 2 cases of it since SP3 became available. Overall SP3 isn’t much of a Service Pack it’s more like a bunch of Patches and a couple of Networking Encasements. Compared to SP2 it’s almost perfect.


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      First – try playing your ‘backup’ from your hard drive …

      by older mycroft

      In reply to unsupported format

      There is always the definite possibility that the ‘backup’ was corrupted when it was made, NOT when it was burned.

      You may very likely be looking in the wrong place for the solution. You cannot cure a bad disc image simply by burning it to optical disc. 馃槈

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        Possibilty of corrupt ‘backup’

        by g2jayk3

        In reply to First – try playing your ‘backup’ from your hard drive …

        Point taken. Did not consider this. Now that you mention it, may I ask, is it possible for a the actual program used to make the video file to be corrupt, thus causing the the completed burn to be unable to start or even unrecognized by the DVD rom\ player? I uninstalled and reinstalled the program used to produce the TS video files; got the same results. By the by, thanks very much for your concern and input thus far. I’ve only been trying to do this for a short time. Up until now, what I have been doing has been successful.

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          RE: [i]is it possible for a the actual program used to make the video file

          by oh smeg

          In reply to Possibilty of corrupt ‘backup’

          Depends where you get it from.

          If it comes from a recognized maker then it is unlikely.

          If however it comes from a site that uses Torrents to download with anything is possible.


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          Sorry, but you seem to be asking what I just told you …

          by older mycroft

          In reply to Possibilty of corrupt ‘backup’

          This utility that you are hell-bent on using to copy video discs, the one that has worked perfectly up until now, is only 1 component in a rather complex formula.

          Your assumption that the utility may have become corrupted, is ‘way out there’.

          You should be giving thought to WHAT you are asking it to do. Just because it produced a copy of one film, or two films, or whatever number of films, doesn’t mean that it is infallible. This present problem may very well exist ONLY due to the current film you are trying to ‘back up’. You may be shrinking it too much, which I seem to remember OH Smeg suggesting further up the thread.

          I’m also wondering about your recent change in Brand Names – not only did you change the brand, [i]you also changed the format.[/i] So is your DVD drive capable of using dual format discs? For that matter – is your domestic DVD player?

          Have you tried to move on past this problem film, thereby trying another film title, since this current title may be beyond your system’s capabilities?

          I seem to remember encountering some problems back when I tried Nero 6+, but have found Nero 7 to be much much more stable.

          *There is another possibility. You mentioned here …

          …that you downloaded another version but later chose instead, to revert to one from a disc. I’m assuming here that if you downloaded it, it is cracked – and as such its stability is in question.

          Are you aware that Nero can be a bit difficult to remove when it comes to uninstalling it? It is so stubborn to let go, that there is a program specially designed just for Nero Removal. I’m wondering if you might have a hybrid version of Nero now, due to having installed a version,then uninstalled that version, then installed different versions et al WITHOUT ever having fully uninstalled any of them.

          That may be a contributing factor here also.

          I must say, I am surprised that a user with so little practical computer experience would throw themselves into an aspect of IT that can easily be a minefield at the best of times.

          But well done for trying! 馃槈

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