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Untapped pool of talent

By kevinclark ·
Recently redundant, I have been networking with my peers and others in a similar position to myself.

In the past, if a good CV has passed over my desk, I have looked at talking with them with a view to finding a 'space' in the organisation.

With the current constraints of budgets and headcount, are we looking too closely for an 'absolute fit' for current identifed positions and losing sight of longer term goals of attracting and retaining good people, even if they're not an absolute set of ticks in the boxes that exist today? Have we lost sight of the transferable skills element in experienced individuals?

I'm sure some employers are finding it very difficult to fill roles because of this and losing a competitive advantage as a result.

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by timwalsh In reply to Untapped pool of talent

Part of the the problem, especially within large companies, is that once a determination is made that there is a position to be filled, the hiring mechanism is turned over to an HR department that doesn't have a clue of what to look for other than the requirements given to them. The HR department often doesn't have the leeway to deviate from these requirements, nor does the manager needing the position have the time to screen every resume for a "close fit."

Usually, unless the HR departmenthas a very liberal hiring policy (not very common), if your resume is almost an exact fit, it never makes it past the resume screener.

You will probably have better luck with smaller companies where the manager with the position to be filled is also the one who looks at resumes.

However, in these days of tight budgets, even small company managers are more likely to also take into account the costs involved in hiring somebody who isn't an 'absolute fit' (training costs, lost productivity while employee undergoes On-the-Job Training, lost productivity of trainer, etc.). It generally comes down to can I afford to hire someone who I can train to be an 'absolute fit' in six months, or is it more prudent to hire someone who is a 95 percent fit but who can do what I need done NOW after a couple days of orientation.

Are there positions going unfilled because of this? most probably!
Are potential stellar performers being lost to competitors? also most probably!

But unless you are able to make it past any "keeper of the portal" to sell yourself face to face to the person you would be working for, you are facing an uphill battle.

Good luck with your endeavors.

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