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Unusal lockup and freezes

By djkenjr ·
This one is strange. Have been trying to figure this one out for a week now without a resolution. Here's my problem.

When playing a game that is demanding in the video card dept the PC will freeze, after waiting a minute or so the monitor will go blank like there is no signal. I have updated drivers. Problem still occurs. I have checked for overheating of the Video card and noticed yea its runs a little hot when problem happens so I placed a fan that is hitting the card. Temps dropped but still having issue. I looked at the power supply and the fan on the back seems to be running a little slow. The sound from the computer fans does not seem to have changed. If anyone can answer this one that would be awesome, have been racking my brain for awhile.

PC Specs
Neo 875P FSR
3.0 GHZ
1.5 Gig RAM
Seagate SATA 300GB HD

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by entawanabi In reply to Unusal lockup and freezes

I don't have an answer yet, what I have are questions and things for you to check that might illuminate the problem:

Check to see if there is an intruder system that is time shareing your machine; the discrption of the problem ios classic for that to be the problem.

I've got all this huge volumne of space, according to the box and the labels; check to see what the machines diagnostics say is the total and then habve them check to see how much isin use and then have them check to see how much is available to devote to what ever you are doing.

these done see if you can set up a monitoring circuit to monitor and create a graph, like the fish finder graphes, and see what happens as you have the event.

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by djkenjr In reply to

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by JamesRL In reply to Unusal lockup and freezes

Two things to look at:

1) Powersupply - whats the power output? I know that some marginal Power supplies like say 200/250 watts are not enough for a mid level or high end video card. If you try to do run a high end card on a taxed power supply, it will cause occasional lockups.

2) Video card cooling. There are available upgraded video card coolers designed for people who overclock their cards. For $15, it is worth a try.

3) Overall cooling. I like to have a fan at the front sucking, and one at the back blowing. If your case can accomodate, try it, again the cost of fans are relatively inexpensive.


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by djkenjr In reply to

It was the PSU. I checked it one Last time this evening and the Pwr supply was not pushing enough power.

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by HillBilly Tech In reply to Unusal lockup and freezes

Maybe the game is currupted. maybe uninstall & start over. or there is a conflict between the game & another programm. Virus protections sometime haults or currupts programs while installing or running.

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by djkenjr In reply to

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by djkenjr In reply to Unusal lockup and freezes

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