Unusual Behaviour of Create Mail in Outlook Express

By adrian.march ·
Quite suddenly, when I click on Create Mail, or I double click on a contact name, the new window comes up minimised, instead of as a window. It's perfectly workable, but a nuisance to have to click again. I haven't knowingly changed anything, and I can't find any option to alter it. Can someone suggest how I can correct this behaviour?

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Try opening new message, size it, close it ...

by TG2 In reply to Unusual Behaviour of Crea ...

Try clicking the button to create a new message ... resize the window as needed, then close (X) the email window without sending...

then try creating a new one again.

If this works... its a common thing ... *something* messed with your window sizes and they were remembered as their last size. Potentially that could mean virus/spam/malware was activated and did that to you, or a really bad ad *in* an email ... and you didn't notice it at the time, and it got closed somehow that way..

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Unusual Behaviour of Create Mail Corrected

by adrian.march In reply to Try opening new message, ...

Thank you TG2. I am always a trifle nervous about trying things I am not certain of, in case it makes matters worse. In this case I discovered that a window had opened which was quite large, but only the top right hand corner was visible. Maximising it and closing did no good, but pulling it on screen and stretching its window solved the problem. Thank you once again.

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Not a prob....figured it was the same as IE does

by TG2 In reply to Unusual Behaviour of Crea ...

Figured it would work.. IE does this too ... thats one of the reasons I get sooo pissed at websites that want to resized *my* internet explorer window.. and its amazing until vista how bad it was.. it seems vista may be a little different, because I've had windows resize on me, but not loose the resize setting I had choosen... :)

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