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Unusual Booting Problem Caused By Vibration due to Fan unbalance

By ali303 ·
I recently cleaned my system. Using Blower , while trying to **** dirt away from motherboard I also screwed one blade of my VGA Card's Fan. Later when I started my System. My Card Temperature was showing around 100C. So I re-checked my system and found that one blade of my VGA Card's fan's is dislocated and stopping the fan from rotating. I "very smartly" removed that blade and fan started again. But due to fan unbalance now my whole computer started vibrating. Which was not a big deal as things were working. However, at times it started to give no display detected type of errors on boot and even when working on Windows.
Firstly I was not able to find the cause of these system restarts/ screen blanks and other problems that were being caused randomly. Later when I opened my system casing and and put it flatly on the floor. It stopped giving errors. This made me incur that these problems are due to vibration caused by unbalanced fan of my VGA card. Therefore, I even smartly plucked another blade from the opposite side of fan. This dramatically decreased the vibration caused earlier.
Now everything is working fine. Although, since Fan of my Vga card had 11 blades, after I plucked the first one (screwed one). Vibration started. Later I removed 6th blade from fan. So now one one side there are 5 blades and on other side there are 4. The vibration is still there . But things are working.

Just wanted to add this story so that it gets into the record. Might be useful for somebody

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Wouldn't it have just been easier

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Unusual Booting Problem C ...

To replace the broken fan?

Numenius Cooler Makers make GPU Cooling solutions so you may even get a better one that what came standard on the Video Card.


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But Breaking Blades from opposite sides isn't a bad idea either

by ali303 In reply to Wouldn't it have just bee ...
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Doesn't anybody screen these calls?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Unusual Booting Problem C ...

This sounds like someone's senior Engineering project at Clemson University; maybe even a Master's thesis.

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Pally what are you trying to say here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Doesn't anybody screen th ...

US Coll edges have sunk dramatically since I went to school?

The above wouldn't have qualified as a Joke Report when I was at Uni.


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Its a big world. I just played my part of knowledge Sharing

by ali303 In reply to Pally what are you trying ...

consider it as NOT A JOKE and it'll sound funny .

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