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    Unusual Computer Port


    by nocompknolw ·

    Hello, I am computer novice and have a question regarding an unusual port on the back of my (old) laptop. It is a female port, small circle, same size as an s-video. It has 2 lines of holes, one line with 4 holes and another with 3 holes. It also has 2 indents for a proper fitting of the cable. I wish I could attach a picture but this dialog box wont let me.

    Thank you

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      The first thing to come to my mind

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to Unusual Computer Port

      after reading your description was a PS2 type connection for adding say an old style mouse/pointing device.

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      Sounds as if it’s an old Video Port

      by oh smeg ·

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      Those things had several pin outs of that type of description which no matter what the number or arragments of pins where a adaptor to a RCA Socket which could then be plugged into something like a TV with a standard Video Lead the Yellow One on the Red, White and Yellow Leads that where used between DVD Players and TV’s or similar things.

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