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    Unwanted Favorites website redirection


    by rene_y ·

    Something has taken over some of my favorites in IE 6 and Opera. I am running Win XP Pro SP1, IE6, Popup Stopper Pro. SOme of my links are redirected to either a search engine or porn sites. I tried Spybot search and Destroy, scanned with Norton Anti-Virus, cleared cache, cookies and internet files and it still occurs. Sometimes the top window will not gain focus when I click on it. Other times the windows will not scroll with the scroll wheel so I have to use the scroll bar and left mouse button. If I reboot the focus and scroll problems go away but in a short time they come back after I open multiple IE windows. I have checked my startup (MSCONFIG) and removed all unwanted startup items and I have reviwed all my Services and do not recognize anything unusual. After the reboot, the problem returns. I removed *.jar files in the event it is an unwanted java script. I am almost ready to reformat the drive and reload the OS but I thought maybe someone else is having the same trouble.

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