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Unwanted Persistant URL in IE6

By stugra65 ·
seems I have been done by a 'drive dy download' I can't fix.
I had some fun at some dodgy sites with loads of pop-ups and inadvertantly downloaded loads of their hidden programs. They are very clever but thanks to this site and Spy Sweeper software most of the intrusive programs are gone.
I just have one problem left.
The default url for IE6 is stuck at, which I don't want.
When changed in internet options, the change only lasts for that session.
re-opening the browser resets it to coolsearch.
coolsearches contact button doesn't work.
very clever- i wonder how many of the inks from their site are affiliates.
I am none too pleased that they have invaded my browser to promote their rubbish but nevermind.
Spy sweeper has a facility for protecting the re-set url but how can i remove the problem altogether.
If somebody could post a reply to here for everybody, but also email me I will be your best buddy for at least one day.
Big thanks, and happy surfing!
I have placed this as a high pointer as nobody I know can solve it, AOL can't do it, can you.
The challenge is to do it without a reinstallation of XP.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Unwanted Persistant URL i ...

Ah, CoolWebSearch. Yes, that is the worst one out there. Tougher than LOP, acutally.
The guy who wrote HijackThis tool (which analyzies IE and tells you what has hijacked its various functions, then lets you fix them!) has written a whole paper on CoolWebSearch:

The article talks about all variants that are out there, and concludes with his new tool, CWShredder, which will REMOVE the CoolWebSearch thing.
The article also mentions a IE patch you can install that will, apparently, prevent the CoolWebSearch thing from installing in the future.

So, read the page, get the tool, run it, and be safe!

hope this helps

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by Oz_Media In reply to Unwanted Persistant URL i ...

Adaware has an update that will remove the existing hijack. And IE Spy-AD will protect against it returning by tweaking your Restricted Zones in IE.


IE Spy-Ad: (halfway down page you will see download links)

Good luck,

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