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Unwanted software removal

By lacooke ·
I recently installed a Microtek scanner on my home computer. After I finally got it working (that's another story) I installed Adobe Photoshop from a disk that came with the scanner. The installation process installed a "hidden" program called FotoExplorer from FotoNation. now my scanner no longer works & I am unable to uninstall this program to see if it is the root of my problem. It is installed under \Program Files\Common Files, and contains a Readme.doc file which suggests "in the unlikely event" you wish to uninstall the program, use Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs. However, FotoExplorer & FotoNation do not appear in the programs listed by Add/Remove Programs. I also now have a "System Folder" called "My Digital Camera" appearing under My Computer & have no idea how to remove it as I do not have a Digital Camera. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc?

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Unwanted software removal

by TheChas In reply to Unwanted software removal

Which version of Windows do you have?
It is possible that Windows is seeing your scanner as an imaging device and has decided you 'need' the My Digital Camera folder.

As to FotoExplorer & FotoNation, the answer depends on your computer skills.
The easy way, is use a software removal program.
McAfee, Symantec, V-Com and most utility manufactures have such programs available.

I believe that there are also free-ware and trial versions available from both and

The hard way, involves editing the system registry and system files.

CAUTION: editing the registry can disable your PC. Proceed with caution, and make a back up copy of the registry files before editing them.

I start by searching the registry and deleting the keys for the program I wish to get rid of.
Look carefully at each key you find, as their may be sub programs that the software installs, or extra keys under different names.

Once the registry is clear, I then check the legacy system files and delete lines as needed.

Then, I manually delete the program files.

The only problem with this method, is that you may still have DLL files and fonts in the Windows folders that you no longer need.

After using the above method, it is a good idea to run a registry check program such as Norton Win Doctor, or V-Com Fix-It.


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Unwanted software removal

by lacooke In reply to Unwanted software removal

Thanks. I edited the registry & was able to remove both the My Digital Camera system folder & all references to fotonation. I have Windows XP & no my system did not think the scanner was a camera...that was something the fotonation software "thought" I needed.

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Unwanted software removal

by lacooke In reply to Unwanted software removal

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