IP address & how to locate

By nsharpe2687 ·
I had gotten an email sent to me that someone tried logging in to my Facebook, they provided me with an IP and the town and device they tried to login from. The town is Massena New York and it was a windows pc they tried logging in from. The IP that Facebook security gave me looks like this:
Can anybody help me to locate exactly where this is...?
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Maybe discuss with FB security?

by tcavadias Staff In reply to IP address & how to locat ...

I personally would go back to Facebook Security to discuss this with them. They might be bound by privacy laws.

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by williamblake2 In reply to IP address & how to locat ...

There are some free online tools that supposedly can tell the location of the IP address, but there are no guarantees that they will tell you the truth, so, yeah, I agree that it would be best to contact Facebook directly. I'm sure they'll know how to help you.

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Road Runner Residential Account

by janmis In reply to IP address & how to locat ...

IP lookup returns Road Runner residential account. If you have the time and date and a good reason to ask, the ISP could probably tell you where it came from. Otherwise, IP addresses are dynamically allocated so the person that has that address now may not be the one who tried to access your FB.

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IP address

by Flawey In reply to IP address & how to locat ...

If the person that was trying to access your Facebook account used proxy then you couldn't find his real location. It's always hard to find hackers especially if you're not a programmer. So I don't think that you could find him.

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by bertodal In reply to IP address & how to locat ...

I'm almost sure that a person that entered your account was using VPN in order to hide himself. In that case it's impossible to find him. But if it was someone from your friends who tried to access your page then it must be easier. Anyway you better change your password and pick the strong one. Moreover it's better to change you e-mail connected to the account.

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Change pass

by Smanahk In reply to IP address & how to locat ...

You are unlikely to know who it was. Change your account password. It must be complex and contain various signs. Use all the confidentiality steps Facebook has. Be careful!

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IP address & how to locate

by jackyjohnny In reply to IP address & how to locat ...

You have to admit one thing, though—it is a little unnerving to realize that someone who has your IP address (or captured it at one time) has a pretty good idea of the region or city you live in. It can feel somewhat intrusive.

But keep in mind that it's not as if our names and addresses are listed in some public Internet phone book that's handed out.

In fact, the Internet is very anonymous in many ways. Most of the time, you give away your identity by establishing relationships, business and personal, online.

So, if you don't want someone zeroing in on your IP address:, make it a habit not to be so quick to give up your name and address online, especially to people or companies you don't know very well.

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