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    Up grading an exsisting network


    by pcourtney31457 ·

    My network has 200 employees in one building and currently we are using CAT 3 UTP on a 10Base T network. We have two old servers and 8, 10mbps hubs. We are expanding and adding 50 new PC’s. We would like to upgrade with room for an increase in growth. No cost restrains. Help me!

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      by jschein ·

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      1st of all… you should be using switches and not hubs in the server room… They should be 10/100 minumum and 10/100/1000 if you plan on being current next year.

      Everything should be hardwired with Cat5.

      250 pc’s = 6 48ported switches @ 10/100 or 10/100/1000 leaving you room for adding 40 more pc’s later on down the road.

      What kind of information exactly are you looking for?

      Said you have 2 servers? I’m guessing a file server and a dhcp server – both nt server?

      Replace them with 2 new Win2k Advanced Servers, 1 as a file server / whatever else you’d like, and the other as backup / wins / dhcp.

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      by brv_gupta ·

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      Great to have an opportunity to interact with you!!!

      First, I would wish you all the best and congratulate you for planning to upgrade your existing LAN on Cat3, which is outdated. The latest UTP you can go for is Cat5 / e-Cat5 or Cat6 these can support bandwidth upto Giga speeds.

      Few things are not clear in your query they are:

      1. How many nodes exist (you have mentioned number of employees but not the Nodes in LAN) and what is the total number of nodes you want to implement now.
      2. Is the building is a single floored or multi floored?
      3. What types of applications are run over the LAN? Or What is the actual use of the LAN?

      My suggestions:

      1. Centralized or decentralized Network:
      a. If it is a Multi floored building it is better to go for a de-centralized Network, where in you need to install a switch in each of the floors and a Central switch in the ground floor. These Floor switches and ground switches can be interconnected through Gigabit UTP or OFC backbone.
      b. If it is a Single floored but a very big building again it is preferred to go for De-centralized Network by installing Floor switches at selected locations and interlink to a Central switch in the Server room.
      c. If it is a small building then you can go for a centralized Network with a Single switch.

      As you said cost is not a constraint it is better you opt for Cisco switches and LAN components of a reputed brand. Also see that all end-to-end components (passive) of the LAN are of a single make and are of same standards, so that you will have perfect end-to-end through put.

      Hope this will give an idea to plan your Network.

      If you still have nay more queries please let me know. Or you can mail all the details with building map and I shall make a complete plan of your Network and give it to.

      ALL THE BEST?.


      Raghavendra Gupta

      CCDA Certified

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      Reply To: Up grading an exsisting network

      by rasman ·

      In reply to Up grading an exsisting network

      I am obligated to warn you that there may be a lower cost solution.
      I would need more about your network. Things like type of traffic
      utilization of present devices.

      Low cost solution:
      Start with a good foundation Cisco or Extreme Switch at the core Modular will give you more flexibility. Connect the Hubs to the switch that will segment your collision domains and dramatically increase bandwidth. The advantage of using Cisco is the number of tools available. Go to download the engineers tool use it to diagnose and baseline your existing network.
      Back to the switch, plug the Hubs into the switch. Plug the servers into the switch. Determine who needs the most bandwidth plug them into the switch. Leave everyone else on the Hub. Buy blades for the modular switch as the need arises.
      Happy Switching,

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      by pcourtney31457 ·

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