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up grading from windows 95 to 98

By Starfoxx4 ·
i have old comp. with windows 95 would like 2 install wimdows 98 &se have disks but don`t know how! help! ty

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by jthibodeau In reply to up grading from windows 9 ...

It's really simple. all you have to do is boot your computer into win95 and insert the disk. The autorun should start and then you will click on upgrade to win98. follow the wizard and take your time and that is all it takes.

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re simple

by Starfoxx4 In reply to simple

insert 95 disk or 98 & will this format comp 2? lots uf old files would like 2 clean !ty Rick

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some more information please

by jdclyde In reply to up grading from windows 9 ...

first, how old?
At least a 120mhz?
At least 16 MB Ram?
At least 500 MB Hard drive?
Got a CD Rom?
Got the drivers for your Video/Sound/Chipset?

You can upgrade, which will save existing files and retain drivers, but it is never as good as a clean install.

Put the CD into the drive and it "should" autorun and then just follow the instructions on the screen.

Your best bet is to backup information and then have it do the format and then install.

Note: the Windows SE disk, is it and upgrade disk or just a windows SE disk? If the later, it may not allow you to do the upgrade. May have to FDISK the drive and then do the clean install.

Good Luck, but sounds like a lot of work for very little to show for it. If money is the main factor, buy a BAREBONES system for $200 and a hard drive and have a new computer that will be usable. Won't be good for gaming, but you didn't say you wanted a toy or a computer.

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a gotcha

by stevebuck In reply to up grading from windows 9 ...

Windows 98 comes in two releases, an upgrade version and a full or OEM version. The OEM version is bootable (if your old PC's BIOS supports CDROM booting). If it finds an existing Win95 version on your HD, it will abort (Unless you delete the windows directory on your HD). If you put it in your drive while Win95 is running and run setup, it will abort again saying you must use the upgrade version. The upgrade version is not bootable, but if you run setup from win95, it will upgrade your system to 98 and keep all your files and apps intact. To use the upgrade version from scratch (freshly formatted HD), you need a Win98 startup floppy that has support for your CDROM, then change to the CDROM drive and run setup.You need the original win95 CDROM, as the setup program will ask for it. If this is an old PC and it's running OK, why upgrade to 98?

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