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Up in Smoke,,,Fried ITE Chip...HELP ???

By trippleottt ·
First came the unforgetable stench,then I saw the SMOKE rising from the cabinet.I`ll never forget that smell. . 9/23/03 during cold start(after a normall shutdown the night before) the monitor just started to light up then went all black,I then noticed smoke rising from the back of the PC case,this is not a good sign?What the?Unplugged the 110V cable. . A complete dismantlling of the PC revealed a fried chip on the mobo,the ITE chip was full of blisters.What could be the cause ? . This PC is only 3 months old.I put it together with all new components and has been running stable with no problems at all . . I sent the burned board back to be replaced 9/26/03.The ASUS RMA people did replace it with a new board.Finally it arrived,almost three weeks later. . After putting it all back together I pressed the power button and got nothing,no fans,no HDspin,clicks,nothing. . I have tried everything,traded out the AGPcard,Ram,etc with proven parts from a doner PC.I even tried some SDRAM,still nothing.Unfortunatly I couldn`t find another P4 ready power supply to try so I have a new one on the way.I am hopping this will be the prob. > The CPU and all the rest look and smell good.Is there anything else that the ITE chip burnout could have damaged,ram,cpu??? Beside my patience... . Thank You Dan... . The OS system/components are as follows XPpro...Asus P4S533-X,Intel P4 2.4GHZ 478/533MHZ FSB,Kingston PC2100DDR/256MBx2,30GB Maxtor HD,PNY GeForce3 Ti 500 AGP 64MB, Asound Express 120 PCI,Aopen V92 Modem,Liteon 56X24X52 CDRW,400W Power Supply,KTC 17" Monitor.

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by TheChas In reply to Up in Smoke,,,Fried ITE ...

I'm not sure which IC on the motherboard you are referring to.
(The image from ASUS is not very clear)
Is it the IC next to the last PCI slot?

If so, then yes it may have been the victim of a power supply failure.

I would check the speaker and lights that plug into the motherboard. Perhaps one or more are damaged or shorted.

Without knowing the function of the ITE chip, it is difficult to determine what may have caused it to fail, or what other devices may be damaged.

Keep in mind, that if your motherboard was repaired it may not have been checked thoroughly.

Another thought, check the clear CMOS jumper. It may be set to clear, and that can cause the PC to not boot.


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by csmith In reply to Up in Smoke,,,Fried ITE ...

The power supply is bad.
Usually these fires are caused by a loose screw, nut, or other conductive path to ground.
Check all of the components in another PC before rebuild, and carefully check the case, that it is not causing the short.
Regards, Chris

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