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up to 5 min to load windows98

By djdomingo ·

I have an old intel p2 350 with 64 MB Ram, 6 GB hard drive (2 partions 4GB&2GB)

5 years ago when I got this PC, windows 98 didn't took too much time to load.
But now, the windows 98 loading screen can take up to five minutes to FINALY enter in windows.
It is not because I haven't formated it in five years, the last time I formated it, it was two months ago.

Can you tell me if it's the hard drive, or the PC that is getting too old.


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by Gary_W In reply to up to 5 min to load windo ...

You just need to do some maintenance.
Make sure your disk is clean:
-virus scan with an up-to-date virus program.
Clean out some junk:
-download free adaware from to remove spyware, adware, etc.
-run diskcleanup, scandisk and defrag.
-run msconfig and look in the startup tab for junk that is set to start at system boot. This site explains what those programs are in your task list: click on the task list button.
-run windows update and keep up with security patches, etc.

Then get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis.

Good luck.

P.S. I have given this advice to people who were so frustrated with their system they were ready to junk it and buy a new one! They were amazed at the difference some cleanup will make. In some cases like getting a new computer.

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by the_biochemist In reply to up to 5 min to load windo ...

This is often seen with aging machines...

Assuming that you have tested for any viruses etc... the course of action i would recommend is:

1) Defrag the hard drive (even a couple of months of regular use can cause a great deal of fragmentation with regular deletion and creation of files)

I would also recommend defragging every couple of weeks or so on an older machine due to the decreasing efficiency of an old hard drive

2) Increase the ram ( although 64M of ram is plenty for win 98 on a nice relatively new machine performance tends to decrease as it gets old - all it takes is a problem with one allocation address which windows would like to use and you can be sat for a while as windows works out why it is having a problem)

Try 128M which should give you a marked improvement.

3) Remove the windows splash screen which pops up half way through loading the OS ( although this is a low res bitmap with a low colour depth it still needs significant resources to load - therefore slowing the machine)

This can be achieved using software such as TweakUI which can be downloaded from the microsoft site (i think) as part of a power toys suite or from the PCworld.COM shareware download dite. other softwarte solutions are available such as MagicTweak and Sandra from SiSoft (if you are confident enough there are many sites explaining registry tweaks

4) worst cae senario is to back up your documents and re-install from scratch ( I often see these problems due to a faulty DLL which is impossible to diagnose)

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by maddiuex In reply to up to 5 min to load windo ...

Have you taken a look at the processor, make sure the fan is turning, When in windows does load does everything work okay, or is it slow also.
Had one just last week, test came back okay on processor, but I took the case cover off. The fan was not turning.

Hope this helps

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by dayflea In reply to up to 5 min to load windo ...

If you have installed several applications since you originally set up the PC, you will more than likely have several additional fonts. Too many fonts is also a cause for slowing down both the startup and running of Windows & software.

Try removing any (non-system) fonts that you don't need.

Another tip, under Properties for My Computer, go to the advanced tab and where you find the type of computer (Laptop, Desktop PC or Network Server) select Network Server. Win 98 can actually run slightly better if configured with this selected.

Hope these work


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by wlbowers In reply to up to 5 min to load windo ...

Down load the test software from the drive maker and run the test on the drive.

If it is having problems their software will show it.

Western Digital:




Good Luck Lee

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