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    Update Windows 10 without internet?


    by shivaniinfo31 ·

    How to update Windows 10 without an internet connection.

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      Re: Update Windows 10 without internet

      by peter barnett ·

      In reply to Update Windows 10 without internet?

      The patches can be downloaded manually (outside of Windows Update) on a computer with a decent internet connection, then installed on another machine that doesn’t have a viable internet connection.

      Obviously chasing down the right patches then installing them in the correct order is a pain, but if you’re game for that kind of hardship then you can do it. Some people have even written utilities to make the task easier.

      Here are some (hopefully) helpful external links; they come in no particular order, and I’m not recommending any of them particularly, I just googled “offline updates windows 10” and took the first few that seemed viable.

      Anyway, here goes:

      A list of updates with download links: Windows 10 Offline Updates 2017 [Official Links] Direct Download
      A tutorial about doing updates offline: How To: Update Windows 10 Offline with Ease
      WSUS, a long-established offline update project with scripts and utilities to make the task more streamlined: WSUS Offline Update
      An article showing how to use a utility called “Portable Update” which gathers all applicable updates into a cache then applies them offline: Update Windows 10 offline without Internet connection
      Use any or all of the above at your own risk; miss an update, and you could leave yourself with a known security exploit. Personally, I just use Windows Update when I have a good internet connection, and switch to metered connection mode (thus subduing WU) when I don’t have a viable connection.

      Peter Barnett
      VP of Product Strategy
      Endpoint Security Management – Action1
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