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Update a field in one MS Table from another MS Table via Forms or best way

By dgodom ·
I'm trying to update one table's field, via a Form, with certain data from certain data from another existing table in my DB when I enter key data this form. Example:

Table Equipment ... Some columns... Year, Make, Model, LIcPlate, etc.

Table Fuel ... Some columns... Year, Make, Model, LicPlate, Fuel Dispensed, Milage, etc.

Form for Fuel has Year, Make, Model, LicPlate, Fuel Dispensed, Milage, etc. BTW, it will take Year, Make and Model to fully qualify the search/lookup as there may be more than one occurrence of a Year and Make in the Equipment table, so Model is also important. Yes, something like VIN would be a simpler lookup but remembering a VIN is much harder than entering a Year, Make and Model.

In a Form over Table Fuel, I want to have the LicPlate field automagically updated when I enter the Year, Make and Model in that form. This so that LicPlate in Table Fuel is automagiacally updated with the License Plate data from Table Equipment.

I'm assuming the solution involves creating VB code via an Event (AfterUpdate) or some such
built through the LicPlate field in the Fuel form. A mass Update via SQL is not appropriate.
Yes, Year, Make and Model are PK, FK in between Equipement and Fuel tables.

Thanks in advance for assistance, Dave

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