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update adds not delete cells in Access?

By misscrf ·
Ok my friends have a copy of an excel spreadsheet. As I get periodic updates, I am importing the spreadsheets into Access.

here is a sample:

first name / last name/ address / city/ state/email/phone/contact pref


Now 3 people have the list that has nothing but first name and last name.

Here is the problem. Person 1 sends me their updates, which has some fields updated maybe 5 emails for different people.

Later, person 2 sends me updates. Problem is they have updates like several addresses, but they dont have those emails that person1 had updated, in the data they sent me.

Now if I try to run an update with the person 2 data, the emails from person 1's updates will be updated... to the empty field of person 2's data. It deletes that previous update in a sense.

Any suggestions of what I should do?

I would like to send period updates to the other 2 people working on this, but thats what I've got at the moment.

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by VinnyD In reply to update adds not delete ce ...

The easy thing to do is look at the excel sheets and manually update the access database.

If you want to automate the process, this will get a lot more complicated.

You would need a date and time for each field!
When the user changes the spreadsheet data they would have to change the date and time for that field.

now when you get the changes, you have to import the sheet into a temp database (not the master one that gets updated).

Now use a VBA script to cycle thru the temp table comparing the date and times.

if the date and time is newer in the temp table you have the VBA script update that one field in the master database table.

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by misscrf In reply to

I understand what you are saying, but this shouldnt be impossible. I should be able to make 1 - 3 queries ( 3 being 1 for each person's updates) and they should all be able to update to a master table. If someone can help me to figure out how to do this so that it takes additions, but does not delete any current text in the fields, I would appreciate it.

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by misscrf In reply to update adds not delete ce ...

I guess I submit, I have to do it manually. This is going to be horrible!

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by misscrf In reply to update adds not delete ce ...

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