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By lukele1200 ·
hi !!
ok,i am trying to update my bios but before installing it in i have to go to ms dos mode.i created the ms dos startup disk.then i restart when the ms dos mode prompt ,(put my bios disk in )i type aflash.exe but it say bad command ,i am not sure what the problem was but i know my start up disk missing alot of things , i have done before but i could figure out the web site that could help me step bu step .Any could help me ?would be appreciate.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to update bios

When you switch the floppies type in "DIR/W" without the exclamation marks to see if there is anything on the floppy. It is just possible that you are using the wrong DOS command to open the Flash Utility as not all Bois's are made by Award.

There should be two files listed on the Floppy one is an "EXE" file and the other should be a "BIN" file you'll need to type in the EXE files name and have a copy of the BIN files name so you can enter it into the Flash Program when asked.

Just for safety I always connect the computer through a UPS whenever I perform this operation just to make sure that I do not take out a M'Board if I have a freak power failure.


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by dmiles In reply to update bios

BIOS Upgrade Guide
Identify your motherboard's model and version by examining the label on the last slot.
Check the current BIOS ID.
Download the appropriate BIOS file.
Self-extract the BIOS file by double clicking the downloaded file.
Make a bootable floppy disk and copy the necessary files onto it.
Boot from the floppy disk.

1. Identify your motherboard's model & version by examining the label on the last slot.

3. Download the appropriate BIOS file.

Select BIOS download file

5. Make a bootable floppy disk and copy the necessary files onto it.

You may make a bootable floppy disk either in Windows Explorer or in DOS mode. In Windows Explorer, just right click on floppy icon and select "format". In MS-DOS prompt, just type "format a: /s" please. C>format a: s

If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows ME, you may make a bootable disk by using DrDOS 7.X boot disk. By running DrDOS it will extract boot image to a floppy disk. If you are using Windows XP, you may make a bootdisk by right click on floppy icon, see this TIP for more detail.

After formatting the disk and transferring the system to it, copy the files into it.

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by TheChas In reply to update bios

Did you just copy the flash program onto a blank floppy?

Most of the flash programs I have used download as self extracting ZIP files.

You may need to change how you are creating your flash floppy.

Start with a clean bootable floppy disk.

Check the instructions on the motherboard manufactures web site.
I suspect that you need to run the flash program from Windows with the bootable floppy in your drive.
Or, you need to extract the flash program and copy it onto the boot disk along with the correct bin file for your motherboard.

You mentioned that you booted off of 1 disk and then switched to your flash disk.
This could be your problem as the flash program may need access to in order to run.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to update bios

i would copy the aflash.exe file to the hard drive, then put back in the dos boot floppy then try it

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by willcomp In reply to update bios

Here's a link to a very good boot disk for BIOS flashing:

BIOS Update Boot Disk is at bottom of page.

Create boot disk and copy BIOS file and BIOS installation utility to boot disk.

This response summarizes above info and provides an excellent boot disk as well.


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by lukele1200 In reply to

thanks for the support ,it really easier and help me out.

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by lukele1200 In reply to update bios

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