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update on "Ever just had it...

By Shellbot ·
With your boss" thread i started a while back.

Finally had a session with boss.

Seems my wall sized database map had an impact.
Was nice to hear that "looking at it, one finally realises the magnitude of the thing, and the huge efforts it takes to consider each and every action/reaction carefully. It's now easy to see that if we change something in one "box" (table) that there may be other implecations to all the "boxes" that are linked to that.

Plus got a compliment regarding my "professional approach, cheerfulness, eagerness and Can-Do attitude".

So all was not a loss. I'm still annoyed over the state of a lot of things, but i can stick it out a few more months to finish up some projects..i'm professional to the end..always finish your work before going :)

(i'd still love to shove someones head up thier you know what though..hoorah or something like that..1d10t)

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And once again

by jdclyde In reply to update on "Ever just had ...

you have proven me right!

You taking the correct approach to show your non-technical boss what is required to do "whateveritiswedamngeeksdo" helped her to understand that it wasn't just you refusing to do as she was asking, and you were not just trying to milk the project.

And of course, (if you recall) I was in full support of this approach even though there were doubters on if this was a good thing or not! B-)

The one point you are wrong about is thinking you could shove hoorah's head any further up his arse than he already has it placed. It is already firmly placed neck deep.


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i do indeed recall

by Shellbot In reply to And once again

that you were in full support

Thats why you are number one on my list of "People who deserve my attention once i win the lotto". Very few have made it fact most people i know are on the "people i will not give one freaking red cent to list" ]:)

keep meaning to reply to your last mail..(like what a week or two ago, but just haven't bene in email much..will do tomorrow though, as its friday!)

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by jdclyde In reply to i do indeed recall

the LAST mail was yesterday (WED).

Has a link to a great kitty video that I was sure you would like!

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by Shellbot In reply to Actually

i'm just not up to date on my email..
better go spend some time with it :)

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by Kiltie In reply to update on "Ever just had ...

Shell, I felt that was right, the wallmap, not the head-you-know-where ;-)

Very professional of you, this will help you in your future career.

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by Shellbot In reply to WTG!!!!

well...i'm just glad it didn't backfire on me :)

now to start documenting the Database..*cringe*

ah well..all adds up to experience, experience, experience !

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Start with an index

by jdclyde In reply to thanks

to list the pages.

I would then do a system at a time.

When I had to do out y2k re-write, it took me two weeks to just map out the system. 650 programs accessing 700 data files, and showing how they all fit together.

THEN I was able to start looking at where to start. Took a year and a half to finish.

Hopefully this won't take more than a month for you.

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Part one is done- thanks to your foresight

by Tig2 In reply to thanks

Shell, you have already done the heavy lifting here. Your wall map is your start point. As JD suggests, it is the "index". You have the 50,000 foot view.

Think of it as zeroing in on a target. You have 150 tables. They are the next "document me" target. High level unless the data requires a deep dive. Your final goal is documentation of the whole- but not every element of the whole requires granular documentation.

Once you have whacked the tables, go after the relationships. Again, this is not horribly granular.

Finally, the maintenance structure. Finally you get to something that should be VERY granualar- it should be able to stand as a primer to the next person to support it. This process SHOULD take at least a month- note all maintenance as you do it and especially note any "gotchas".

Hand all your rough input to an admin if possible for compilation.

I am thinking that you will likely spend a good three months with this- longer if you don't have an admin to structure the final for you.

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Tact wins

by dawgit In reply to update on "Ever just had ...

Tact (and therefore tactics) always wins over brut-force. Good going, and a good demonstration on the use of (indirect) Tactics. (Tact)
a Professional Techi, and a Technical Profi.
again, good one.

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