Updated appointments disappear from Calendar

By serious77 ·
I have a user who is using Outlook 2007. The user has a meeting that she set up in her calendar. However, when she updates it and sends it out to recipients, the appointment disappears from her calendar. As a side note, the recipients do receive the update.

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Here you go

by DarkWhiteChocolate In reply to Updated appointments disa ...
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Thank you for your assistance

by serious77 In reply to Here you go

I thank you for your effort of assistance in this matter. Unfortunately, it was not very helpful in finding the resolution as I have poored through google extensively in pursuit of an answer to the problem. However, I could find nothing that even resembled the particular issue that I have encountered.

I am thankful for your enthusiasm and willingness to help, but regret to inform you that it was all for naught. The problem still remains and if anybody else is willing to offer any assistance, I would appreciate whatever help I may receive.

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Additional Notes

by serious77 In reply to Updated appointments disa ...

In regards to this issue, I should also add that the case does not involve delegates or Blackberries as the closest answers that I can find in google suggest. The user is updating a meeting that she set up herself and after sending the update to all recipients, the meeting simply disappears from her calendar. It is not deleted, the recipients receive the updates and the user receives no alerts when the meetings come up (so the meeting is not a ghost item or anything). I hope that that helps to clarify the issue.

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Might be solved

by serious77 In reply to Updated appointments disa ...

I did a test that may have fixed it. Before, I had the user create a new "test" meeting with recipients and then update it. Sending the update cuased it to disappear like the initial problem. I had the user create another meeting the same way. This time, before sending the update, I had the user click on the save icon first, then send the update and the appointment seemed to hold.

When the user is able to test with the particular meeting that she is concerned with (which won't be until January), then I should no for sure.

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