Updated some drivers now keyboard and mouse are dead

By adam.farrell ·
I have an ESYSTEM laptop that the mouse stopped being able to pull the scroll bar down. I downloaded the ( wrong ) driver to fix this now the keyboard and the mouse no longer work. I tried using an external keyboard but it needs drivers installed. Booting from the Windows Disc requires me to press F2 on the keyboard before it will boot! Oh dear God please help !!!

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Are you saying that by installing this Driver

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Updated some drivers now ...

You are now unable to use the Keyboard during the Post or Windows Install Screens?

If that is the case you don't have a driver problem as they are not loaded at this stage though if you where using a External USB Keyboard this probably wouldn't work for exactly the same reason that the USB Drivers are not loaded yet.

You should be able to press the F8 Key when the POST Screen or Makers Logo is visible to get the computer to change the way that it starts. Just push and hold down the F8 Key till either the internal speaker starts going nuts or you get a White on Black Screen. Use the Arrow Keys to Highlight the Safe Mode and then press Enter.

This will start the computer in Safe Mode where you can enter the Device Manager and select the Keyboard & Mouse and then right click on then and select the Uninstall Option. Then restart the computer and allow it to find the New Hardware and install the Default Drivers. You should be able to work from there and install the right drivers then.

Just make sure that you delete the Keyboard Driver First if you are using the Mouse to move around the System or if you ware using the Keyboard delete the Mouse Driver First then the Keyboard Driver. You'll have to use the Power ON Button to shut down the NB but this isn't a problem.

If you don't know how to get into Device Manager left click on Start then Right Click on My Computer and left click on Proprieties in the next window to open left click on the Hardware Tab and then Left Click on the Device Manager Button.


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Thanks but....

by adam.farrell In reply to Are you saying that by in ...

I get to the blue Windows log on screen which asks for my user name and password as normal. However there is no keyboard or mouse function to progress things.

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Try it in Safe Mode

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks but....

Push the F8 Key when the Makers or POST Screen Appears and keep holding it down till either the internal Speaker starts going off or you get a White on Black Screen.

Then using the Arrow Keys Highlight Safe Mode and press Enter. You will be given some options to let you know that you are in Safe Mode and it will look different but between the Internal Keyboard and the External Keyboard you should be able to open Windows.


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