Updates and hotfixes - where are they stored?

By maxbarjr ·
I have a XP Pro SP2 installed in my laptop. I want to re-install my OS. My question are, when my laptop download the updates from MS, are they stored somewhere in the Windows directory before they are installed? When I re-install my OS, can I tranfer or copy these updates and hotfixes so that I won't be downloading them again?


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Yes and No

by TheChas In reply to Updates and hotfixes - wh ...

When you install hot-fixes, the files are stored in a temporary folder. Usually, when the fix is installed, the temp files are deleted.

Some hot-fixes replace files with new versions. Others just change registry settings.

So, there is no folder that you can just grab all of the hot-fixes from.

Now, depending on why you want to re-install XP, there is a way that you can reduce some of the download time. You can burn a "slip-stream" XP installation CD. Basically, you use the slip-stream process to make a copy of your XP CD that includes the hot-fixes.

Here is an article to get you started:

There are various ways to download and save Windows Updates. Start by subscribing to the TechNet security update newsletter.


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by maxbarjr In reply to Yes and No

Hi Chas,

Thanks for the reply. The reason why I am re-installing my OS (XP Pro), it is becoming slow when I bootup. When I go to the Task Manager, I see a lot of process and under the username, it's all blank. I am using a Dell XPS Gen2 laptop which I bought 2 years ago and I had all the latest updates and hotfixes from MS which I don't want to go over it again. That's the reason why I came to this site to ask if there is a way to backup the updates that I have and transfer to a new clean install OS. The CD that I used is slipstreamed with SP2 which I did myself. Thanks for the link and the advise. I am now subscribing to the TechNet security update newsletter. Thanks bud.

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