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Updating Basic Program

By RknRlKid ·
I work at a state school, and support the special services/needs department periodically. Part of this department is supporting the psychometrists who do the student testing for two rural counties.

Here's my situation:

I was called in today to help one of the psychometrist's with a new program they were implementing. (She couldn't figure out how to get it to run.) To my horror I discovered it was a GW-BASIC program for DOS. (Our entire network is Windows XP.) I wrote a batch file and set up a shortcut on her start menu so she could access this program in a command prompt window.

The immediate response will probably be to find this program in a more modern, graphic version. But this program, which is used to create a report that is used to determine whether a child has developmental difficulties, is completely sole source, only from the developer (a PhD expert in psychological testing), and exists no where else. Its basically all or nothing here.

Here's my question:

Is it possible to take this GW-BASIC program and compile or translate it so it is more "modern" and/or graphical? Does Visual Basic or equivalent allow for import of GW-BASIC files and recompile them into an executable for Windows?

Understand that I am NOT a programmer, but a hardware guy. I may be trying to get into something that is totally beyond me. I am trying to make life a little easier on the psychometists, but I may be wasting my time too.


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What to do about old dos programs

by faradhi In reply to Updating Basic Program

In my previous position, I had some drill and kill programs that ran in DOS. We explored getting them rewritten and it would have cost more than making it work in windows with virtual PC.

I know that doesn't directly answer your question and I can empathize with you on having to manage these programs. I wish I had a better response.

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Take a look around

by Noble Dean Bell In reply to Updating Basic Program

GW Basic saves its source code in a tokenized format that only it can read when you load it up again.

You will need to convert the gw-basic program to an ascii text file first.

This website has the instructions:

After you convert the file to a text file then you can possibly print the source code out and then have a programmer take a look to see how complicated it would be to convert to a Windows counterpart. (Visual Basic, Liberty BASIC, etc.)

I hope this helps.

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