Updating from GE Force 5200 to GE Force 8400GS, won't work.

By gejettest ·
I'm trying to update to PCI from AGP, won't work. I get nothing on the monitor when going to PCI. I have an older Amptron mobo, P4-935LU v.7.0. Any suggestions? I'm using the onboard graphics, too slow. This is Windows XP.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Updating from GE Force 52 ...

Have you checked the BIOS settings for the new card, check the BIOS settings this maybe where your issue is.

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Is it compatible with the motherboard?

by seanferd In reply to Updating from GE Force 52 ...

Can the system power the card? What exactly does not working look like?

If you have 512 Mb RAM and a 300W PSU without a bunch of other stuff pushing the power limit, it should work.

Did you install the drivers? Is it fully seated in the PCI slot? Have the monitor connected to the correct video out?

Tried the card in another computer? Tried a different card in that PCI slot?

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I can not find out anything reasonably quickly about this M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Updating from GE Force 52 ...

But from past experience I can tell you that some well actually quite a lot of NVidia Video Chip Set Cards do not work at all well with non Intel Chip Set M'Boards.

I've seen lots of Incompatibility Issues where just fitting a Video Card has stopped the entire computer from starting.

But as said above make sure that you have a big enough PS. Have plugged in any Power Connections to the Video Card that are required.

If it's not that I would look at the Same Chip Set Video Card from a different maker and try that. It's a very common thing for one Video Card to not work and the same Video Card from a different Maker works perfectly.

Of course if you don't want to mess around you can always go to a different type Video Card with a ATI Chip Set.


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PNY Tech support said it may not be compatible.

by gejettest In reply to I can not find out anythi ...

I have a brand new 480 watt P/S. I called PNY tech support, they walked me through everything I already did, finally they said it may not be compatible with such an old board. They recommended an update for the BIOS. I found 'SmartTweak', downloaded their free scan, found 10 driver updates, but nothing for the motherboard. From what I can gather I have a P4-935LU v.7.0. I have found MOBO updates Version 4.02.02. Sounds like it is an older version, am I wrong? Or should I download it? I tried to contact Amptron, maker of the motherboard, but found a domain site, all phone numbers listed for them turn out to be useless.

I have the monitor connected to the on-board graphics so I can see what I'm doing. I loaded the drivers, all looks good, but when I connect the monitor to the new card, there is no signal to the Dell monitor. I did go to the BIOS page and set the settings according to the techs request, still no good.

Thanks for all your help

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Well as I can find no information on either

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PNY Tech support said it ...

The M'Board or the Software Package I'm not really sure. The M'Board seems to have a Intel 935 Chip Set if the Designation is anything to go by though.

With that Chip Set I've found in the past that ATI Video Cards work best but a Hint with AGP Cards.

Quite often you need to loosen the Back Plate Screws to fully inset the Card into the Socket. This is because different cases may have different heights from the M'Board to where the Bracket mounts and if the distance is a bit short it can stop the Video Card to go all of the way into the Socket.

As a last resort I would suggest removing the Back Bracket and inserting the card to see if that works.

Just the fact that the On Board Video continues to work when you plug in the Video Card tends to suggest that the Video Card isn't going all of the way into the AGP Socket as the On Board Video should get turned off when you plug in a AGP Card.


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GE Force 8400GS card

by gejettest In reply to Well as I can find no inf ...

Thanks for the tip, will give it a go. BTW, when the new PNY card is installed it has a cooling fan on the card itself, the fan runs when the card is installed, does this mean it is fully plugged in? Maybe only partially??
Pardon my ignorance, how does the hierarchy of cards go. I thought it went AGP, PCI, then PCI express? Where does ATI fit in?

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ATI is a Brand of Chip Set

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to GE Force 8400GS card

Just like NVidia.

Currently ATI is owned by AMD Advanced Micro Devices the CPU Maker. Among other things they make the Radeon Series of Video Cards.



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by Who Am I Really In reply to GE Force 8400GS card

that's the order of graphics cards by generation

and integrated graphics usually reside on the PCI bus even in most recent systems

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Sorry but that's not correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ISA, PCI, AGP, PCI-e

The real order is ISA, VESA, PCI, AGP. PCI-e

You forgot the expended ISA Bus VESA Cards.


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I think you mean the 32bit VLB slot at the end of the ISA slots

by Who Am I Really In reply to Sorry but that's not corr ...

which turned out to be a bit of a dud and was only around in a few 80486 systems
because you couldn't use more than one of the slots

ie. a graphics card with a VLB connector couldn't be installed along side of a multi-IO card which also had the connector

one of the devices wouldn't operate

VESA is just a standard not really a slot

a few of my old 8-bit & 16-bit ISA cards support the VESA Standard but don't plug into a VLB slot

here's a pic of one of my systems with a VLB

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