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    updating skills


    by mail2day ·

    I transition from the military in 1 year. I have a general AAS in Technologies and military schools as far as education. Ive worked with RF communications equipment(operating and training) for most of my military career and the last 3 years Ive worked in IA writing command policies and working with DITSCAP(DoD accreditation and certification). I have Top Secret clearance until 2007. If you were in my shoes, what type of training would you invest in to make me more marketable? Should i continue toward college degree(will not be done in a year) or should i work to get some certs or tech school certificates to beef up my knowledge and credentials for resume? Thanks

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      Almost Always

      by jdmercha ·

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      A BS is almost always better than certs. Take a look at job postings, and see what qualifications companies are looking for. I know there a lot of IT jobs that want BS and clearance.

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